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Vi utbildar arkitekter, konstforskare och lärare, designers, filmskapare, hackare och mycket mer.
Students at the Aalto University Learning Centre, photo by Unto Rautio

Genom studier vid Aalto kan du utmana dig själv och utvecklas inom ditt område. Våra utmärkta professorer, vår strävan efter att hitta nya infallsvinklar och vårt praktiskt inriktade arbetssätt skapar förutsättningar för framgång i arbetslivet.

Den inspirerande atmosfären bottnar i engagerat, studerandecentrerat lärande, med betoning på kreativitet och kritiskt tänkande. Våra studerande får planera människocentrerade miljöer för boende, välfärd, lärande och arbete.

Vi erbjuder utbildning på kandidat-, magister- och doktorandnivå inom utbildningsområdet för konst och det tekniska utbildningsområdet.

Du hittar alla våra utbildningsprogram här: studera vid Aalto.



Vid högskolan erbjuds två kandidatprogram: kandidatprogrammet i konst, design och arkitektur och Bachelor’s Programme in Design.

Bekanta dig med huvudämnena inom kandidatprogrammet i konst, design och arkitektur här (på finska).


Högskolan för konst, design och arkitektur erbjuder 13 magisterprogram inom konst och två magisterprogram inom teknik, av vilka merparten är engelskspråkiga. Därtill erbjuder högskolan två tvärvetenskapliga magisterprogram inom konst tillsammans med andra högskolor vid Aalto – Creative Sustainability och International Design Business Management – samt programmet Urban Studies and Planning i samarbete med Helsingfors universitet.

Magisterprogrammen vid institutionen för konst

Master's Programme in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art

ViCCA explores emerging knowledges and practices at the intersections of visual cultures, curating and contemporary art. We facilitate students to develop and contextualize their own practices within and in between these contexts. The programme is open to artists, curators, scholars and practitioners with different backgrounds and experience, who are looking for opportunities to understand, challenge and shift the paradigms of contemporary art and the world around us.

The ViCCA prograne

Magisterprogrammen på institutionen för arkitektur

Opiskelijoita kampuksella 2019 Kuva: Unto Rautio

Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning, MSc in Landscape Architecture

Urbanisation is a global phenomenon with direct impact on the future of our societies. Most of the key challenges of contemporary societies are encountered and addressed in cities. Cities provide enormous economic, technical and cultural opportunities, but they are also places of social conflicts and segregation as well as environmental and health problems. The magnitude of such challenges implies that no single field of research or profession can tackle them alone. Urban development requires an integrated approach. To this end, two prominent Finnish universities, Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, have joined forces in this unique and interdisciplinary master’s programme. Application through Aalto University’s admissions process is oriented towards applicants with bachelor’s degree in planning, architecture, landscape architecture and urban and real estate economy.

Kaksi opiskelijaa selailemassa lasisen vitriinin päällä olevaa kirjaa Oppimiskeskuksessa.

Master's Programme in Interior Architecture

Interior architecture addresses the close human scale of space and furniture to create meaning and value to people and organisations, and to transform and renew the everyday living environment. Dealing with the design of immediate interior and exterior environments, interior architecture requires understanding on human culture, needs and aspirations, the bodily experience and senses, and the spatial, material and technological means to meet these. A skilled interior architect is capable of integrating diverse elements into functional and experiential design solutions that exceed the users’ and clients’ expectations and are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

The programme educates interior architects with a distinct design personality. It comprises studies on spatial design and furniture design. Concrete design assignments form a major part of education. The studies emphasise advanced practical design skills combined with conceptual and strategic design thinking and research-driven design. Students are encouraged to expand the frontiers of the discipline by addressing systems level problems and societal challenges across the scale of built environment.
Students graduated from the programme are eligible to work as professional interior architects.

Urban Studies and Planning

Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning, MSc in Architecture

The Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning prepares students to excel as professionals capable of understanding and addressing complex urban development challenges. Students learn to address such challenges through a curriculum and pedagogical approach that includes interdisciplinary breadth as well as depth in core areas of knowledge, skill and practice. The program balances theoretical, historical and conceptual knowledge with the acquisition of methods, skills and experiences. Thus, students gain a broad understanding of urban phenomena as well as practical experiences in collaborative and concrete situations. This is the basis both of the structure of the programme and of elements in the curriculum.


Magisterprogrammet i arkitektur

Arkitektur är ett både tekniskt och konstnärligt område. Undervisningen i arkitektur förmedlar en kombination av teoretiska professionella kunskaper och förmågan till konstnärlig gestaltning. En arkitekt ska kunna betrakta problem från synnerligen många synvinklar, vilket är en av orsakerna till att arkitektexamen omfattar ett så brett spektrum. En aktuell utbildning utvecklar ett vetenskapligt och konstnärligt tänkande för byggandet av en socialt ansvarstagande och hållbar framtid.


Magisterprogrammen vid institutionen för design

Master's Programme in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design

The programme deepens and extends the students’ skills in fashion, clothing and textile design on a high artistic and professional level, strategic thinking as well as creating fashion concepts coordinating and leading design processes.


Master's Programme in International Design Business Management - Master of Arts

The Master's Programme in International Design Business Management helps you become a future creative professional in integrating design and technology with global business development through transdisciplinary teamwork and real-life challenges provided by our renowned industry partners. IDBM students tackle these complex challenges in multidisciplinary teams and develop holistic perspectives on the questions of tomorrow. The IDBM curriculum integrates business, design and technology to enable students to create new value and meaningful innovation.

Graduates of the program earn a master’s degree in business, design or technology, and gain extensive interdisciplinary teamwork experience that enables them to work in a wide variety of fields.

IDBM students at IDBM Impact showcasing a digital solution

Master's Programme in Creative Sustainability - Master of Arts

Students learn to adapt knowledge, skills and new approaches to reach collaborative solutions based on ecological, economical and socio-cultural sustainability.

Creative sustainability students studying

Master's Programme in Contemporary Design

The Contemporary Design Programme supports students to discover and advance their individual creative processes and in linking them to the problem-solving processes and methods of others. Students are working in a multifaceted learning environment that provides support for creativity, as well as critical and analytical thinking.

Iittala Experimental Design Process

Master's Programme in Collaborative and Industrial Design

The Master’s programme in Collaborative and Industrial Design (CoID) focuses on design's role in society. It provides skills to work as design entrepreneurs and in a range of roles within industry, business, communities, education and the government.

Kaksi opiskelijaa selailemassa lasisen vitriinin päällä olevaa kirjaa Oppimiskeskuksessa.

Magisterprogrammen vid institutionen för film och scenografi

Magisterprogrammen vid institutionen för medier

Visual Communication Design

Master's Programme in Visual Communication Design

The Visual Communication Design programme (VCD) is an international learning community committed to investigating new modes of action within visual communication. As a critical response to the contemporary conditions, the studies enable you to reconsider the established notions of graphic design. The programme supports you in rethinking and redefining your own design practice, in order to situate it in wider societal and environmental frameworks. By providing the competence areas of information design, visual narratives, and type & written language, the curriculum encourages you to turn your design practice towards the public and the sustainable, and towards multiple and diverse knowledge domains.

Department of Media prototyping

Master's Programme in New Media - New Media Design and Production

Would you like to explore the exciting opportunities new digital technology opens to communication, interaction and expression – and find a career where you can utilise your creativity? New Media Design and Production is a major subject within the Master’s Programme in New Media, focusing on art and design in interactive media. The education is project-oriented, combining practice with theory. You can focus on dynamic visualisation, art & culture, interaction design and interactive & generative storytelling. The programme is fully taught in English, and your master’s thesis can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English.


Master's Programme in New Media – Game Design and production

Are you interested in learning game design and production with leading professionals in an international atmosphere? Game Design and Production is a Major Subject within the Master’s Programme in New Media focusing on game design for interactive digital media. The education is project-oriented and provides a unique possibility for developing game design skills while also building conceptual understanding on games. You will deepen your skills based on a personal study plan. Multidisciplinarity is emphasized by the highly diverse backgrounds of students – one can apply with any Bachelor’s degree, and the students include programmers, 3D artists, animators, creative writers, architects, and even psychologists. The teacher network includes top game industry professionals and game scholars. The programme is taught in English, and students can write their thesis in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Laura Konttinen: Arrival

Magisterprogrammet i fotografikonst

Välkommen till magisterprogrammet i fotografikonst vid Aalto-universitetet! Vid Högskolan för konst, design och arkitektur förenas inspirerande undervisning med en djupgående förståelse för samtida fotografi.

Bild: Laura Konttinen



Doktorandprogrammet vid Högskolan för konst, design och arkitektur erbjuder en möjlighet till studier inom många vetenskapsområden vid ett ledande forskningsuniversitet.


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