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We at HR Services are here to support your work and managerial duties carried out at Aalto. We are available to help at every stage of the employment relationship. On this page you can find links to employment related information and contact information of the HR Services.
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Human Resource services at Aalto University

  • We support all personnel in employment matters. We also help long-term visitors with practical matters.
  • Employment related matters, such as drawing out employment contracts and salary matters are managed in HR. We support you also through onboarding. During employment we are available for matters such as change of employment relationship or different types of absences.
  • Supervisors can get support in duties such as recruiting a new employee. Your local Hr unit will take an active role from drafting a job advertisement to interviewing candidates and selecting the new employee.
  • The well-being and health of our employees is important to us. We follow the well-being via surveys and invest in occupational health care services.
  • International mobility of Aalto personnel is active. HR supports both in-coming international personnel and employees leaving for international assignments.
  • HR coordinates different personnel trainings and offers mentor and coaching services.
  • We constantly develop both digital and practical HR-processes together with other service units.
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The well-being and health of our employees is important to us. We follow the well-being and invest in occupational health care services.

Human Resource services

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International mobility of our staff index

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Visiting Aalto?

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Visitor refers to a person who is not employed by Aalto and therefore receives no salary from Aalto, but needs access to Aalto campus, equipment and/or databases. The most typical visitor group is the Academic visitors, of whom the university world has long traditions of hosting, but also on the Services side, e.g., consultants may form a visitor's relationship with Aalto. Hosts must report all visitors to HR, so all persons using the University's facilities can be registered.


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