Occupational health care

Aalto University provides its employees with both statutory occupational health care and occupational health physician services. Statutory occupational health care includes preventive health care. The occupational health care services are provided by Terveystalo.

The preventive health care aims at providing a healthy and safe working environment, a friendly workplace atmosphere and prevention of occupational illnesses. In addition, maintaining and furthering the ability to work and function of the employee is a central goal of occupational health care.

Medical treatment 

General practitioner -level health care covers the services of an occupational health nurse and an occupational health physician and any follow-up measures agreed with them, such as:

  • general practitioner -level medical treatment focusing on occupational health
  • laboratory tests and x-rays necessary for treatment
  • if referred by an occupational health physician, specialist consultation 1 or 2 times, except consultation of psychiatrist 1-3 visits/problem, responsibility for care rests with occupational health physician
  • specialist consultation is only possible with a referral by an Aalto-designated occupational health physician. One referral is for one specialist consultation. For the second consultation you need a new referral by an Aalto-designated occupational health physician.

Consultation may also take place at an outpatient department of a hospital. In these cases the employee pays the fee.

For an occupational psychologist or physiotherapist you need a referral given by Aalto doctor or nurse. Aalto doctors and nurses you find on the health centres page (see below).

Entitling to the occupational health care services

Aalto employees are entitled to the occupational health care services during their employment. The occupational health care services are not available during unpaid leave or other unpaid contract period.

  • the services are available during leave with pay (e.g. maternity leave with pay) and when receiving allowances from Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (e.g. due to illness or rehabilitation).

The services are not available for those funded by a grant/scholarship.

Availability of the health services

The occupational health services are available from Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of health centre designated for campus, however not later than 8 pm. The services are not available after 8 pm, weekends nor midweek holidays.

Terveystalo has a designated health centre for each campus (see below) and employees should primarily use the health centre designated for their campus. In acute cases you may use the nearest Terveystalo health centre. Also in acute cases occupational health care services are available from Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of health centre, however not later than 8 p.m.

Missed appointments without cancellation

Employees who miss an appointment with an occupational health care professional without cancelling in advance will be charged the costs of the appointment (20 minutes)

  • occupational health physician 43,30 euros
  • occupational health nurse 20 euros. 

Missed specialist appointments will be charged according to the valid rates. The appointments must be cancelled as follows:

  • specialists 24 hours in advance
  • others 12 hours in advance.

Booking an appointment

You can find the names of the occupational health physicians and nurses on the health centre page (see below).

Oma Terveys 24/7 is an online service provided by Terveystalo. Via the service you are able to:

  • View information on your health for e.g. laboratory tests
  • Check the validity of prescriptions
  • Read actual information on health in general.

Before using the service, you have to register using your online bank codes with your online banking or mobile ID.

Doctor Chat service

When there is no need for a physical examination, you can contact a doctor via the chat service. The chat service can be used to assess the need for treatment, decide on laboratory tests and prescribe medication. It offers a channel for providing treatment instructions for previously diagnosed illnesses and treatment for conditions such as allergy symptoms and dermatitis. The chat service is free of charge for Aalto’s employees.

To use the chat service, you must first register with the Oma Terveys 24/7 service. The registration can be made with either your online banking codes or mobile ID.

Mental Chat and Mental Sparring (in Finnish Mielen Chat and Mielen Sparri)

Terveystalo (Aalto’s occupational health care) provides low-threshold digital mental well-being services. Mental well-being support helps you when you want to

  • unburden your mind of worries or stress related to your personal life
  • find tools for stress management and coping
  • practise coping with stressful or difficult situations at work and elsewhere
  • find new means for coping with various emotions and situations
  • strengthen your capabilities
  • wish to discuss mental wellbeing and mental health with someone
  • suffer from anxiety, depression, exhaustion, burnout, tiredness, fatigue or have concerns and worries.

Mental Chat (Mielen Chat) 

Have a quick chat to unburden your mind, Mental Chat is open 24/7. Your chat partners are Terveystalo nurses.

Mental Sparring (Mielen Sparri) 

Take the time to identify and strengthen your skills that promote mental well-being, working together with a psychologist or a psychotherapist. These video discussions last for 45 minutes each. You can use the service five times. You determine the required number of appointments with your coach.

How the service works

  1. Download the Terveystalo Oma Terveys (My Health) application to your phone or visit
  2. Register using your online bank user identifiers. Under Etäpalvelut (Remote services), select Mielen chat (Mental Chat) and start the chat
  3. Chats are intended for brief discussions. At the same time, you can also book an appointment for a longer video discussion if needed (Mental Sparring/Mielen Sparri)
  4. Mental Sparring: Sign in to the Oma Terveys service at the time of your appointment, as you did for the chat service. Click on “Aloita keskustelu” (“Start the chat”) next to the name of your sparring coach under Etäpalvelut (Remote services). The video discussion will begin.

In this slideset you find more information on mental wellbeing support in Aalto.

Preventive health care and activities to maintain working capacity (statutory occupational health care)

First aid skills

First aid training for different skill levels is organised annually. The training is organised by the Finnish Red Cross or by the occupational health care in cooperation with the Aalto occupational safety staff.


Necessary vaccinations needed for work or business trips are covered by the occupational health care services free of charge.

Pre-employment medical examinations

Pre-employment medical examinations are required for employees recruited to a permanent relationship or for a fixed term longer than one year. Blood pressure measurement and basic blood tests suchs as glucose, cholesterol and liver are included in the medical examination. The results will be looked through at an appointment with an occupational health nurse. The general health situation of the new employee is checked at the same time. If necessary, the occupational health nurse gives a referral for an appointment with a occupational health doctor.

The pre-employment medical examination is agreed upon during the probation period.

More details you can ask from your department's HR.

Vision screening and computer glasses

If you have problems with vision while doing computer work, the Aalto occupational health care will refer you to an outsourced optician or eye specialist, who will determine your need for computer glasses. The occupational health care will evaluate the need for computer glasses in accordance with the guidelines of Aalto University.

Dealing with alcohol and substance misuse

Matters related to alcohol and substance misuse are handled in accordance with the Aalto University alcohol and substance misuse policy.

Additional information about occupational health care services and invoicing

The Occupational health care services have been tendered in accordance with the Hansel framework agreement. The contract is available at Aalto HR (Elisa Autti).

More details concerning the Aalto's health care services you may ask from your department's HR.


Campus-specific occupational health centres

Mikkeli campus

Otaniemi campus

Pori campus

Further info

Aalto University Otaniemi Campus in Summer / Photo by Aalto University, Mikko Raskinen

Sustainable well-being at work (PysTy model)

The Sustainable well-being at work operational model (PysTy) is based on early support and attention to care. The objective is to maintain and promote working capacity, work-related well-being, and occupational health.



The personnel may use the massage services during working hours.


Harassment and inappropriate conduct

According to Aalto's Code of Conduct, equality, impartiality and mutual respect are the basic principles for the entire Aalto community. As an essential part of Aalto's Code of Conduct are the instructions and models for preventing harassment and inappropriate conduct.

This service is provided by:

HR Services

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