Tenure track

Tenure track

Aalto-universitetetets karriärsystem Tenure Track bereder akademiker på professorsnivå en tydlig och välgrundad karriärstig fram till en permanent professur. 

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Tenure track för professorer

Aalto-universitetetets karriärsystem Tenure Track bereder akademiker på professorsnivå en tydlig och välgrundad karriärväg fram till en permanent professorspost.

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Intresserad av att arbeta med oss?

Är du intresserad av att ansöka om vårt tenure track karriärsystem? Läs mer om ansökningsprocessen på engelska. 

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Interested in joining our tenure track?

This page describes how to apply for Aalto University's tenure track. The page contains information on why to apply for Aalto University tenure track and instruction on how to apply. The site has instructions, for example, on application documents as well as application and selection process.

Tenure track

Utmärkta HR-praxis

Aalto-universitetet följer EU-kommissionens kvalitetsbestämmelser i sina HR praxis. Läs mer på engelska. 

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Human Resources Excellence in Research

Aalto University has been awarded the “HR Excellence in Research” -award by the European Commission as the first university in Finland in 2012. This page contains information on the Human Resources Strategy for Researcher (HRS4R) -process at Aalto as well as our latest HRS4R Strategy and Action Plan.

Careers at Aalto

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Aalto tenure track evaluation criteria

Tenure track evaluation criteria

The tenure track evaluation criteria are based on the principles of predictability, transparency, and comparability with international standards.

Ihmisiä oppimiskeskuksessa/people in at the learning center

Development processes of the tenure track system

Developing the tenure track career system is part of the Aalto University quality system. This page provides information on how the quality of the tenure track system is monitored and how the tenure track processes are being developed.

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Academic careers working group

The role of the working group is to support the development of the academic career systems, contribute to the preparation of development actions and communicate the development in the Aalto community.

Tenure track
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Tenure Track Committee

The Aalto University Tenure Track Committee gives recommendations to the President on tenure and promotion decisions and on the direct recruitment of tenured professors.

Aalto University

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Lecturer career system

Aalto lecturer career system is intended primarily for individuals conducting teaching.

Opiskelijalla kynä kädessä

Other academic positions

This page describes other academic positions than tenure track professors and lecturers positions. Here you will also find official policies and procedures for other academic positions as well as instructions on how to appoint a docent.

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