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Företagande och startups

Företagande och en startup-anda syns överallt inom Aalto-gemenskapen. Vare sig du är en studerande intresserad av företagarutbildning eller en företagare som behöver en kick i din verksamhet – välkommen med!

Slush 2017. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto/ Mikko Raskinen

Gemenskap av changemakers

Bakom Aalto-universitetets företagargemenskap hittas aktiviteter av både studerande och universitetets egna program. Bland annat har Europas ledande startup-evenemang Slush fötts i Aalto-universitetets studerandegemenskap.


    MIT har bedömt Aalto-universitetets ekosystem till ett av världens fem stigande stjärnor.


    företag startas i vårt ekosystem årligen.


    3000 studerande har studerat vid Aalto Ventures Program under de senaste fem åren.


    av de finländska universitetsbaserade företagen är från Aalto-universitetet.

    From Ideas to Impact

    Good research ideas turn to tangible societal impact in Aalto's incubators and accelerators. With the help of Aalto Startup Center and Innovation Services, the university provides a wide range of support services for researchers interested in exploring the commercial potential of their results.


    Aalto University Innovation Services

    Aalto Innovation Services manages the commercialization of inventions at Aalto University.

    Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

    Aalto Startup Center (extern länk)

    Aalto Startup Center is a hybrid accelerator participating and leading international incubator and accelerator programs.


    From Ideas to Impact

    Aalto University has an internationally unique innovation ecosystem.

    Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

    Delta i företagsgemenskapen och på evenemang

    AGrid logo

    A Grid (extern länk)

    A Grid är ett av de största centrum för tillväxtföretag i Norra Europa, hem till t.ex. startups och acceleratorer. Hitta utrymme för ditt företag!


    Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (extern länk)

    Europe’s largest and most active student-run entrepreneurship community.

    fallup logo

    FallUp (extern länk)

    Europe’s largest entrepreneurship event for and by students, founded to inspire future entrepreneurs.

    junction logo

    Junction (extern länk)

    One of the world’s largest hackathons where the teams have 48 hours to create solutions to real-life challenges.

    hel tech logo

    HEL Tech (extern länk)

    Monthly tech meetup that brings together experts and startups from different fields.

    dash logo

    Dash (extern länk)

    Hackathon for design-minded people, focusing on the design process at its purest.

    SLUSH logo

    Slush (extern länk)

    A world-renowned startup event, attracting over 20 000 participants and 2 000 startups.

    Startup Center

    Aalto Startup Center (extern länk)

    Runs a business generator programme, helping research-based and other startups to scale their businesses.

    Ta del av studier i entreprenörskap och företagande


    Aalto Ventures Program (extern länk)

    The program prepares students for high-growth entrepreneurship through top-level education and curricular activities.


    School of Business (extern länk)

    Department of Management Studies provides entrepreneurship education and a research programme on entrepreneurship.

    Finn en accelerationstjänst eller ett program för ditt företag

    What if...

    Stories from Aalto's community of entrepreneurially wired thinkers and doers.

    What if... entrepreneurship education was available for all?

    In recent years, the startup community has focused on inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. We think they’re inspired enough. Now, it’s time to start doing.


    What if... your business could benefit from a hybrid accelerator?

    Aalto Startup Centre offers an on-demand tailored program for startups’ needs.


    What if... good user experiences don't just happen by accident?

    Experience design is a mindset that explores what the end-user truly needs and expects.


    What if... entrepreneurship was the best tool for building a better future?

    The best practices for a sustainable future will spread more efficiently if they also make sense financially.


    What if... you've overlooked an important asset?

    Make your business thrive with a holistic take on design.


    What if... the pandemic is an acid test of our creativity?

    Learnings from the COVID-19 crisis in Finnish food and beverage startups.


    What if... we worked with more people unlike ourselves?

    Top-performing teams often have people from diverse backgrounds, and it’s no coincidence.


    What if nanotech could save lives?

    Xfold Imaging’s innovative solutions enable the study of cellular structures and bio-molecules at a nano-scale resolution which has, up until now, not been possible. Looking this deep will give earlier diagnostics to stop disease outbreaks in their tracks, allow pharmaceutical companies to design better drugs.

    photo: Aleksi Neuvonen
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