Social media, files and quicklink components

See, how you can highlight e.g. the school's social media channels, add files, and what are quicklinks.

Social media component

The Social media component includes

  • a title
  • a text piece and
  • external URLs to social media channels.

You can edit the title and text to fit your page. Example below.

Attachments component

Attachments, files, enclosures, however you wish to call them, they're all added to by using the Attachments component.

Below is an example of an attached article. When you add a new attachment, the file "Name" field is shown, so make sure, that the name is such that the reader gets an idea of the attachments' content without having to open it first.

Horizontal divider component

Horizontal divider can be used to separate two text paragraphs with a horizontal line. Below is an example of the light grey, horizontal divider. 


Quicklinks can be used to offer the most relevant links on the page. The component includes titles for the links and a small description. In addition, you can add an image for the links.

In Quicklinks, always use 3 links, the component won't work with less or more. Only use this component once per page. Below, you can find an example of Quicklinks component.

The icons (small yellow images) can be found at by clicking Select media under Image.  You'll find all icon options by typing: "icon". Choose the the one that best suits the respective content: add the image to your quicklink item.

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Communications Services

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