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Communications Services monitor the visitor traffic on the Aalto web services with Google Analytics. Aalto University's general Google Analytics account is linked with the site and automatically includes all the content on

Reading permissions for the analytics data are granted for content editors and site administrators.

Google Analytics is used with an Aalto University ID. Instructions on how to create a Google account with your Aalto ID, can be found below.

Google Drive: registration and closing of an account

Once the account is created you can request access to the analytics from the service address [email protected]. In order for you to be given access to the correct analytics properties and views, you should give a brief description of your specific analytics need, and to what website (or what section of the website) it relates.

If needed, you can inquire about Google Analytics training for your unit, via Communications Services.

If you wish to set up a new site somewhere else than in Drupal, and you want to enable analytics, contact Communications Services at [email protected] to discuss options. By default Communication Services centrally supports only analytics solution on websites that are built on Drupal, and hosted by Communications Services. Other situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Analytics can easily provide information on, for example, the number of visitors, pageviews, site searches and many other website events. The location demographics, devices used for the visit and navigation paths are also shown in the analytics, among other things. 

Tracking visitor traffic of the site often provides valuable information for the development of content and structure.

Instructions for using website analytics 

  • The use of website analytics must be justified, and if there is no clear need for use, analytics should not be installed. Any existing unnecessary installations should also be removed. 
  • If website analytics is used, the site owner must ensure that the IP addresses are not collected by analytics and that the data is processed in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.  
  • The processing of personal data in accordance with the GDPR means, for example, that the users of the website have been informed of the processing of personal data, that a legal basis has been identified for the processing, that the processing is carried out only to the extent necessary, that personal data is deleted or anonymised* as soon as possible, and that the storage of the data ensures access control, a safe storage location and other information security. The processing of personal data on the website is described in the privacy notice.  
  • For Google Analytics, make sure that the anonymisation of IP addresses is activated. In the case that only a new version of Google Analytics (Google Analytics 4) is used, there is no need for separate IP address anonymisation. If site-specific measurement is being built on top of the basic installation of Google Analytics, it must be ensured that personal data other than the pseudonymised* ‘visitor indentifier’ of Google Analytics is not collected. Collecting personal data is also a violation of Google Analytics' Terms of Use and may result in the account being closed. 
  • The page operates in the Drupal environment, and the use of Google Analytics has mainly been applied through communications services, so the above instructions have been taken into account. If the site is on another platform or you are unsure about the security of your site in relation to visitor tracking, please do not hesitate to contact this address: [email protected] so a review can be made. 


Aalto University guidelines for using the Google Analytics service

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