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Communications Services monitor the visitor traffic on the Aalto web services with Google Analytics. Aalto University's general Google Analytics account is linked with the site and, for example, with the Into student portal, Aalto Wiki and Aalto Blogs services.

Read permissions for the analytics data are granted for content editors and site administrators.

Google Analytics is used with an Aalto University ID. Instructions on how to create a Google account with your Aalto ID, can be found on this page. Once the account is created you can request access to the analytics from the service address [email protected] In order for you to be given access to the correct analytics properties and views, you should give a brief description of your specific analytics need, and to what website (or what section of the website) it relates.

You can order Google Analytics training for your unit from a university partner through the Communications Services.

If your content is in the Drupal system at, visitor traffic is already collected by Google Analytics and you can request permissions to view the data at [email protected] 

If you wish to set up a new site somewhere else than in Drupal, contact Communications Services at [email protected] to add visitor tracking to your page. In this case, you will be provided with a Google TAG Manager script that needs to added to the source code of the new site. 

Analytics can easily provide information on, for example, the number of visitors, visit durations, exit rates and traffic sources. The location demographics, devices used for the visit and navigation paths are also shown in the analytics. Further data can be received, for instance, by setting conversion targets.

Tracking visitor traffic of the site provides valuable information for the development of content and structure, so connecting web pages to communications analytics is highly recommended.

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Communications Services

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