Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

The Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems (Bio2) is at the forefront of forest products technologies and cutting-edge biotechnology.

Ultimately, the activities in Bio2 result in innovative products and solutions for applications ranging from construction and textiles to biomaterials, energy and biomedicine.

Head of Department is Monika Österberg. Link to her research group and contact information
Vice Head is Markus Linder. Link to his research group and contact information
Vice Head is Alexander Frey. Link to his research group and contact information
The HR coordinator of the Department is Sanni Mero.

 Simone Haslinger and Sherif Elsayed in the laboratory


The research at the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems focuses on products derived from nature through green chemistry or biotechnological methods. Our department’s core competencies include synthetic biology, biochemical and biotechnical processing, the chemistry of lignocellulosic materials, pre-treatment and fractionation of biomass, downstream unit operations as well as the characterization and analysis of materials.

Bio2 is internationally recognised for its multidisciplinary engineering education development in digitalised and online learning environments.

Biobased Colloids and Materials (BiCMat)

Group led by Professor Orlando Rojas


Biobased Materials Structure

Group led by Research Fellow Paavo Penttilä

Colour photo of wood chips and samples on textured surfaces, in a petri dish and a closed test tube

Biobased Materials Technology

Group led by Professor Thaddeus Maloney

CHEM_bio_Nanocellulose printing paper


Group led by Professor Silvan Scheller

Biochemistry group

Biohybrid Materials

Group led by Professor Mauri Kostiainen

CCMV AuNP lattice

Biomolecular materials

Group led by Professor Markus Linder

Formation of bridging filaments in chimeric silk coacervates

Biopolymer Chemistry and Engineering

Group led by Professor Michael Hummel

Biopolymer Chemistry and Engineering, photo: Valeria Azovskaya

Bioprocess Engineering

Group led by Professor Sandip Bankar

Bacterial cellulose

Bioproduct Chemistry

Group led by Professor Monika Österberg

CHEM_Bio_Foam and woad research

Bioproduct Technology

Group led by Professor Juha Lipponen

AaltoCell_Next phase of utilizing Finnish cellulose


Group led by Professor Herbert Sixta

CHEM_Bio_Marianna_Granatier_From wood to fiber

Clean Technologies

Group led by Professor Olli Dahl

AaltoCell project

Lignin Chemistry

Group led by Professor Mikhail Balakshin

Image shows a road that leads out of the forest. On the road there is a sheme of the macromolecule lignin shown and there is a street sign indicating the end of the fossil resource era and the beginning of the biorefinery era.

Materials Chemistry of Cellulose

Group led by Professor Eero Kontturi

HCI based disintegration

Molecular biotechnology

Group led by Professor Alexander Frey

Alexander Frey_Aalto-yliopisto_Mikko Raskinen

Paper Converting and Packaging

Group led by Professor Jouni Paltakari

Cycle from pellets to printing product

Photoactive Organic Materials

Group led by Research Fellow Eduardo Anaya

Photo shows chemistry researcher in a white lab coat wearing blue gloves working in the laboratory with a pipette.

Printing Technology

Group led by Professor Patrick Gane

CHEM_Bio_Circular economy

Protein Technology

Group led by Professor Emma Master

CHEM/BIO2/Protein technology group_enzyme research

Soft Materials Modelling

Group led by Senior Scientist Maria Sammalkorpi

Soft Materials Modelling group Aalto University

Textile Chemistry

Group led by Professor Ali Tehrani

Textile by Aoi Yoshizawa

Wood Chemistry

Group led by Professor Tapani Vuorinen

Wood acetate by Yesul Woo

Wood Material Science and Technology

Group led by Assistant Professor Lauri Rautkari


Wood Material Technology

Group led by Professor Mark Hughes

CHEM_Bio_Wood material

Research infrastructure

Learn more about our research equipment

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Bioeconomy Infrastructure

Contact information for lecturers and research groups

Contact information for the research groups

Here you can find the contact information for the research groups.

Bio2 / Atomic force microscope

Contact information for the teaching staff

Here you can find contact information for teaching staff in the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems.

Aalto Bioproduct Centre_Photo Mikko Raskinen


See all the Aalto CHEM collaboration projects here

Materials and sustainable use of natural resources

Materials research ranges from physics, nanotechnology, mechanics, performance and design to biomaterials and sustainable resource use.

An abstract composition of different metals and forms.

Circular Design Innovation (external link)

Strategies for circular design – design out waste and innovate for longer product lifetime.


ClicInnovation (external link)

Solution Architect for Global Bioeconomy and Cleantech Opportunities

Symmer seminar


FinnCERES is a flagship for our sustainable future, center for the materials bioeconomy.

FinnCERES Materials Cluster

INNPAPER (external link)

Paper is rising as a good alternative to traditional materials for electronics: it is cheap, flexible, renewable and recyclable.

InnPaper_RFID+Temperature sensor


Ioncell-F technology developed at Aalto University in collaboration with the University of Helsinki converts wood into textiles without any harmful chemicals.

Aalto University/Ioncell-F

Research cooperation

The Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems works collaboratively with strong partners from industry and academia.

Aalto University / The School of Business / Ambassadors

ValueBioMat (external link)

ValueBioMat is a project funded by the Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland.

ValueBioMat logo
Studying biotechnology

Are you interested in studying at the School of Chemical Engineering? Here are our Bioproducts and Biosystems programmes:

See all our school's programmes

Bio2Future PhD Summer School - bioeconomy courses for postgraduates

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Get to know us:

Alexander Frey wants to cut health costs with specialised yeast

The Professor of Molecular biotechnology has harnessed a hardy workforce for tasks such as manufacturing cheap medicines and biofuels.

Alexander Frey_Aalto-yliopisto_Mikko Raskinen

Curiosity is a pathway to science

Researchers are shaping the future. If you want to become a researcher, it is important to be curious and question everything, says Professor Silvan Scheller.

Silvan Scheller

Eero Kontturi: The most important skill for a researcher is the desire to read and write

Professor of Materials Chemistry of Cellulose relaxes by reading scientific articles and makes no distinction between work and free time.

Eero Kontturi. Kuva: Lasse Lecklin / Aalto-yliopisto

Get to know us: Professor Olli Dahl

Saving the environment via businesses.

Olli smiling

Michael Hummel knows breakthrough research is hardly ever a one-man show

Postdoc researcher thinks that cutting-edge research requires a multi-disciplinary group of highly qualified and highly motivated partners.

Michael smiling in Dipoli building

Michael Hummel: Sustainable and renewable materials will replace oil-based products

Researchers need to be team players, says Professor of Biopolymer Chemistry and Engineering.

Michael Hummel, kuva: Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Mixing people

Mixing people with different backgrounds is a nutrient for creativity, says professor Tapani Vuorinen.

man standing in a storage in front of the window, wearing a white laboratory coat, smiling

Monika Österberg develops from wood a contender to oil

Associate Professor of Bioproduct Chemistry Monika Österberg wants to see her innovations change the world.

Monika Österberg

Nurturing the passion for research - Interviewing Associate Professor Ali Tehrani

This is an interview with Associate professor Ali Tehrani, who works at Aalto University's School of Chemical Engineering Bioproducts and Biosystems Department. He has an impressive background in textile research before joining Aalto and he also enjoys guiding and supporting his students in their research and career.

Associate Professor Ali Tehrani standing in front of blooming trees.

Revolutionising the bio-based industry

An interview of the new Professor of Practice Juha Lipponen from the School of Chemical Engineering.

Professor Juha Lipponen standing at Kemistintie

Teaching and providing “aha!” experiences motivate our new Vice Dean of Education Jouni Paltakari

Paltakari wants to show all the incredible things we can do with chemical engineering. At the very core of all of our actions are sustainable development and problem solving.

Jouni Paltakari varadekaani koulutus


A detail of spider silk material developed in Aalto University, image Fotoni Film & Communications
Research & Art, University Published:

Two new Centres of Excellence to Aalto University – the university is also involved in two consortia

Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Transfer and Life-Inspired Hybrid Materials were chosen as Centres of Excellence led by Aalto University
Camilla Inkeroinen ja Hanna Vanhanen
Aalto Magazine Published:

Researchers develop the perfect recycled fertilizer for forests - saves 88% of energy normally used but still not legal

Finnish forests are typically nourished with fertilisers containing energy-intensive nitrogen and phosphorous mined in Morocco. Researchers have now developed an ecological alternative with ingredients sourced from a waste processing plant. It is good for forests and the environment – but legislation has to change first.
Resource Wisdom Designs for a Cooler_Planet heroimage design Aino Salonen and Oona Raadelma
Campus, Cooperation, Research & Art Published:

The Designs for a Cooler Planet exhibition showcases 30 projects for a more sustainable future

What is wise to design for future generations in a world of plenty?
Hanna Seppäläinen and her daughter in front of chemical engineering building. Image: Hanna Seppäläinen
Studies Published:

Studies can also be combined with parental leave

The bachelor's studies of Hanna Seppäläinen, a student of chemical engineering, included challenging courses, research assistant work, events and can-can dance. She begins her master’s studies as a new mother.


Python for Scientific Computing

Python for Scientific Computing 25-28/10/2021

Hands-on learning of python for data analysis and visualization.

Defence of dissertation in the field of Bioproduct Technology, M.Sc Tao Zou

The title of the dissertation is: Lignin Nanoparticles: Understanding of Their Properties and Modifications for Versatile Applications

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