Care robots, speech recognition, micromaterials, galaxies near and far away – the School of Electrical Engineering is so much more than electricity and smart power grids, as we study many topics you might not initially associate with the electrical industry. We take part in solving the great challenges humanity is facing, such as climate change, the depletion of natural resources and an aging population. 

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Professori Hele Savin ja tuotannon kehitysinsinööri Katja Mustonen valitsemassa piikiekkoja Okmeticin tuotantolinjalta yhteiseen tutkimukseensa. Kuva: Anniina Ojanperä.
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Unique opportunity for Professor Hele Savin to carry out academic research at company premises

The Finnish Research Impact Foundation funding allows professors to concentrate on research and utilize the practical expertise of companies.
Vilho Väisälän pajassa opiskelijaryhmät pääsevät suunnittelemaan ja rakentamaan eri kursseilla mitä taidokkaimpia ja teknisesti haastavia laitteita. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto-yliopisto
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The students' electrical workshop space was inaugurated as Vilho Väisälä’s workshop in Otaniemi

The donations of Vilho Väisälä's descendants, the Weisell Foundation and Vaisala Corporation have enabled the long-term development of Aalto University.

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Study at the School of Electrical Engineering

Electricity is everywhere, and our society would not function without it. As a student at the School of Electrical Engineering, you can find solutions to issues related to sustainable development and human well-being.

Aalto Factory of the Future. Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Get to know our research: our departments and Metsähovi Radio Observatory

Our research is based on excellent cooperation, and we have exceptionally good connections to the business world. Here at the School of Electrical Engineering our students and researchers get a chance to roll up their sleeves, because we conduct a lot of applied research in addition to theoretical research. Our investments in first-class facilities and research equipment ensure that our hard work will help society evolve. 

The School of Electrical Engineering has three departments and one separate unite.

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Our key figures

    The amount of professors has increased 71 percent.

    Since 2010 the amount of our professors has risen from 35 to 60 professors (+71%).

    Our personnel consists of 700 people.

    Our personnel consists of 700 people.

    2104 students

    Number of students. (Full-time equivalent students and the doctoral students.)

    204 Bachelor's degrees in 2022

    204 Bachelor’s degrees in 2022.

    183 Master's degrees in 2022

    183 Master’s degrees in 2022.

    29 Doctoral degrees in 2022

    29 Doctoral degrees in 2022.

    Latest news

    People attending the Wellbeing Fair at Aalto's Wellbeing Week
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    Oasis at the Aalto Wellbeing Week

    Oasis of Radical Wellbeing project participates in the Wellbeing Week
    Aalto University, CLUSTER Steering Committee II-2023
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    Aalto University hosted the CLUSTER Steering Committee 2023

    7.9.-8.9.2023 marks the commencement of the Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research (CLUSTER) Steering Committee II-2023 hosted by Aalto University.
    Open pit mining machines
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    New collaboration targets the mine-to-market value chain

    FCAI, Metso and partners address sustainability in mining with artificial intelligence.
    Janne Lainen ja Tuomas Auvinen.
    Appointments Published:

    Vice President Janne Laine and Dean Tuomas Auvinen appointed for second term

    Janne Laine's new term starts in January and Tuomas Auvinen's new term in March

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    An event banner with the event title "What Happens in the Minds of Designers as They Design"
    Lectures and seminars

    Visiting lecture by John Gero: "What happens in the minds of designers as they design"

    What happens in your brain and mind when you design? John Gero delves into how designers' brains work during the creative process, using insights from cognitive science, AI, and brain research.
    A multipath radio environment referred to as a fading propagation environment where wireless signals take multiple paths to reach the receiver, and these signals may arrive at the receiver at slightly different times and with varying signal strengths due to reflections, penetration, diffraction, and scattering.
    Public defences

    Public defence in Radio Engineering, M.Sc.(Tech.) Usman Virk

    Characterizing Multipath Radio Environments for 5G Wireless Systems and Beyond (title of the thesis)
    Introduction to Research Data Management
    Lectures and seminars, Staff trainings, Support for teams, Training to support research

    Introduction to Research Data Management, Oct 3, 2023

    Get to know the basics of RDM with Data Agent Dr. Essi Viitanen from Research Services.
    Title: DMPs a workshop, subtitle: ONLINE. Pictures of Lucie Hradecka and Enrico Glerean.
    Lectures and seminars, Staff trainings, Support for teams, Training to support research, Workshops

    Data Management Plans: Online workshop for early-career researchers, Oct 4, 2023

    Learn about DMPs with Information Specialist Lucie Hradecká and Staff Scientist & Data Agent Dr. Enrico Glerean.

    In electrical engineering you can build a more responsible and smarter future

    Student Emmaleena Ahonen

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    Maarintie 8 at Aalto University campus
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