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Aalto University's stakeholder magazine focuses on science and art, technology and business – we describe how they converge and write about the people behind our stories. The magazine comes out twice a year.
Aalto University Magazine issue 24 in racks. Photo: Anni Kääriä.

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Valokuvassa on kaksi talitiaista oksalla, toinen lintu seisoo toisen päällä. Kuva: Sanna Kannisto.

Try, fail, try again, fail better

Failure is an unavoidable part of life, but does failure have to be all bad? How about failing upwards and forwards?

Piirroskuvassa esitetään arkipäivän tavallisia esineitä, kuten kahvinkeitin, jääkaappi, suihku, sekä liikennevälineitä, kuten auto ja polkupyörä, sekä rakennuksia. Kuvittaja: Jolanda Jokinen.

Farewell, oil!

It’s time to turn our backs on an old friend that has now hatched into an enemy.

Origameja kuvituskuvassa "Koko elämän oppimäärä". Kuva: Kalle Kataila

A lifelong curriculum

A legislative reform made continuous learning the fourth mission for universities in Finland. Who will draft the lifelong curriculum and what will it lead to?

Illustration of a group of people. Photographer: Jaakko Kahilaniemi.

AI puts precision back into medical treatment

Artificial intelligence could tap into the enormous volumes of data not only on our bodily systems and genetic heritage, but also on various pharmaceutical substances – and help physicians design our treatments individually.


A selection of Aalto University Magazine articles

Kuvassa Kalevi Hyyrynen, kuva: Hyyrysen kotialbumi
Aalto Magazine Published:

Two suitcases and one man

Life is a game and this – working and studying – is my way of playing it, Kalevi Hyyrynen used to say. The Aalto alumnus, who remembered his alma mater generously in his will, was keen on learning new things throughout his life.
Professori Caterina Soldano pitelee käsissään sähköpiuhojen muodostamaa vyyhtiä. Kuva: Jaakko Kahilaniemi.
Aalto Magazine Published:

Everyday choices: What’s your favourite gadget, Caterina Soldano?

Professor Soldano wants to develop less intrusive devices, but believes that the best way to manage electronics overuse is to turn off your smartphone’s notifications.
Marium Durrani ompelemassa käsin vaatekappaletta, jossa on kukkakuosi.
Aalto Magazine, Research & Art Published:

Theses: Threading the needle – together!

Taking care of your clothes is an environmental act, says Marium Durrani. Communal clothing repair workshops are popular around the world and have now landed also in Finland to push against unsustainable fast fashion practices.
Timo Korkeamäki, AUM-kuva: Jaakko Kahilaniemi
Aalto Magazine Published:

Oops: Lo and behold, my sojourn abroad lasted 16 years!

School of Business Dean Timo Korkeamäki once thought he’d never move away from his home turf.

Themes and published issues

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26   Trial and error, April 2020
25   University as an influencer in society, October 2019
24   Continuous learning, April 2019
23   Artificial intelligence, October 2018
22   Sustainability, April 2018
21   Human-centered living environments, January 2018        
20   Game changers and the new work, October 2017        
19   Multidisciplinarity, April 2017        
18   Art and creative practices, December 2016       
17   Entrepreneurship, October 2016 (in Finnish only)       
16   Materials research, May 2016        
15   Global business dynamics, December 2015        
14   Health technology, October 2015        
13   Aalto University five years, May 2015        
12   Research, December 2014        
11   Educating game changers, October 2014        
10   Big data, March 2014        
09   Health care, December 2013        
08   Energy, October 2013        
07   Creativity, May 2013        
06   Entrepreneurship, March 2013        
05   Housing and living environments, December 2012        
04   Bioeconomy, October 2012        
03   Time – solutions of a new generation, May 2012        
02   Wellbeing, February 2012        
01   Risks, October 2011       

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