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Aalto University Magazine issue 24 in racks. Photo: Anni Kääriä.

Taste of an attitude change

If we can change our attitude towards food, the environment will benefit and the variety of flavours increase. Hold on to your hats – a food revolution is taking place.

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Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Urbaanit ruoantuotannon tavat alkavat haastaa perinteistä maataloutta.

Taste of an attitude change

Read the Magazine articles on the new ecological ways of producing food:

Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Sirkkojen kasvattamisesta syntyy murto-osa kasvihuonekaasuja suhteessa naudanlihan tuotannosta syntyviin kaasuihin.

Lowering the carbon footprint with bugs

Crickets are quite the superfood.

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Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Suomessa järvet ovat pullollaan roskakalaksi leimattua särkeä, joka on hyvä proteiinin lähde.

Save our lakes by eating roach

Each roach an angler pulls up also removes phosphates, a key factor in eutrophication, from the water system. These phosphates are bound in fish bones.

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Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Kotona voi kasvattaa sieniä kahvinporoissa tai kauran akanoissa.

Mushroom farming as part of the circular economy

18 million kilos of oyster mushrooms could be grown with the spent coffee grounds Finns produce each year.

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Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Maailman viljelykasvien sadoista 35 prosenttia on riippuvaisia pölyttäjistä.

Bee appreciation

One way to protect bees would be to reintroduce them to urban life.

Aalto University

A selection of Aalto University Magazine articles

Maria Makarow. Photo: Heli Sorjonen
Aalto Magazine, Research & Art Published:

'Aalto is a step ahead'

Marja Makarow, Director of Biocentre Finland, was conferred as an honorary Doctor of Technology at the ceremonial doctoral conferment event in Dipoli on 14 June 2019. Makarow, talented in many fields of science, urges Finnish universities to form long-term international partnerships
Karla Nieminen. Kuva: Veera Konsti.
Aalto Magazine Published:

Self-taught relationship virtuoso

Karla Nieminen gives courses on relationship skills and networking. She tests her theses in practice, too, because she used to be “so bad” at being social.
Marja Rastas. Kuva: Jaakko Kahilaniemi.
Aalto Magazine, Research & Art Published:

What are arts teachers needed for, Marja Rastas?

The world contains a void in art education, says Lecturer of Visual Arts Pedagogy.
Professori Kirsi Niinimäki. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen.
Aalto Magazine, Research & Art Published:

Slow cycle

In its present form, the clothing industry is a polluter of water systems and a climate baddy. Materials recycling is not a sufficient answer, the whole system must change instead, says an expert on the circular fashion economy.

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24   Continuous learning, April 2019
23   Artificial intelligence, October 2018
22   Sustainability, April 2018
21   Human-centered living environments, January 2018        

20   Game changers and the new work, October 2017        

19   Multidisciplinarity, April 2017        

18   Art and creative practices, December 2016       

17   Entrepreneurship, October 2016 (in Finnish only)       

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15   Global business dynamics, December 2015        

14   Health technology, October 2015        

13   Aalto University five years, May 2015        

12   Research, December 2014        

11   Educating game changers, October 2014        

10   Big data, March 2014        

09   Health care, December 2013        

08   Energy, October 2013        

07   Creativity, May 2013        

06   Entrepreneurship, March 2013        

05   Housing and living environments, December 2012        

04   Bioeconomy, October 2012        

03   Time – solutions of a new generation, May 2012        

02   Wellbeing, February 2012        

01   Risks, October 2011       

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