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Professor Dominic Stead
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Professor Dominic Stead focuses on cities that encourage us to use more sustainable modes of transport

He is one of the leading academic researchers in this field with a multidisciplinary approach, an extensive research record and an outstanding publication record.  
Kirsi Peltonen. Photo: Mikko Raskinen.
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Kirsi Peltonen: It is strange to go to an abandoned house to meet students via Zoom

Senior University Lecturer Kirsi Peltonen was able to give one empowering face-to-face lecture last autumn, and now she is mainly teaching remotely from Otaniemi. She finds interactions based on remote connections to be incredibly challenging.

Firms that gain more media visibility can expect to perform better

Firms that are more visible in the media increase their value and their stock returns, according to new research from Aalto University and Goethe University.
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Michael Ungeheuer, photo by Lasse Lecklin

Unite! joint programmes and flexible study pathways developed at the Boot Camp

The event gathered together 140 teachers and staff from the seven universities to discuss the developments of Unite! teaching and learning activities including for instance joint programmes, flexible study pathways, and good pedagogical practices as well as creative virtual spaces for teaching and learning.
Aalto EIT Services

City of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Helsinki and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences collaborate to find sustainable urban solutions

This marks the first time that Helsinki and the three universities engage in incubator-related cross-organisational cooperation.
Urban Tech Helsinki

Finance programme featured by Financial Times

Head of Department Elias Rantapuska has been interviewed for the article. 
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Three students of the School of Business. Photo by Unto Rautio.

School of Business alumni story: Pauli Liikala

‘I am grateful to the School of Business, its teachers and my fellow students – studying there gave me excellent skills and knowledge for my career and for my retirement years.’ says Pauli Liikala, our alumnus, who made a long career in information systems, management and their development, and who has also acted as a mentor to numerous students over the years.
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Pauli Liikala, Kauppakorkeakoulun alumni

CS S4 Student Symposium served remote pizza, socializing and interesting discussions on AI

Doctoral students in computer science organized an interesting symposium focusing on societal side of AI, and discussed how to keep student networks up and running during an exceptional pandemic situation
CS-S4_photo of the event

Björn Savén's donation to Aalto University makes a significant contribution to hydrogen research

Hydrogen will play a crucial role in the storage of renewable energy. Hydrogen also serves as a fuel for fuel cells and future engines.
Methanol spray properties under engine like conditions.

Art For All Festival will be organized at Malmi airport in August

The festival features pieces from performing arts to installations and audiovisual works.
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Art for all festival flyer

Recent policy recommendation: Individual's role in managing health data needs to be strengthened

Finland has every chance to succeed with its own platform solutions, but it requires overcoming three challenges, say researchers at Aalto University.
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Kuvituskuva: Potilas magneettikuvassa

Long-term support for Aalto University from Lappset Group helps to raise global awareness of landscape architecture

The framework created by landscape architects plays a key role when playground equipment and sport gear bring joy and thrills to people's lives.
Lapsia leikkimässä valaistulla kiipeilytelineellä illalla.

Aalto-Primo customer survey

We would like to hear your opinion. The survey is open until September 3rd.
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Putting our values into action – See Code of Conduct updates

Code of Conduct, our common ’fair play rules’ touch all of us
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Event highlights of Aalto 

Lectures and seminars

Department of Computer Science: MSc Thesis Presentation

Nguyen Luong will present his MSc thesis "Using sequences of clinical codes for treatment effect estimation" on Wednesday 23 June at 14:00 via Zoom.
Lectures and seminars

Department of Computer Science: MSc Thesis Presentation

Linda Levänen will present her MSc thesis "Refactoring effects to the quality of code in a web application" on Thursday 24 June at 11:00 via Zoom.
AQP seminars
Online event

AQP Seminar: Thermodynamics of gambling Demons

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminars (Zoom). Speaker: Diego Subero Rengel (Aalto University, Department of Applied Physics)
Unite! intercultural students working in a group around a laptop

Tackling the challenges of intercultural teaching

In this virtual group consultation, the participants will reflect on the challenging situations that they typically experience in their teaching contexts involving international students. Together as a group, the aim will be to develop possible solutions.
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