People liftups

These components are good and practical tools to show contact details for a department, service unit, or members in a project. The order of the contact details can be random, manually or alphabetically organised.
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People liftup component view

People liftup (automatic)

This component helps you add profiles automatically. Simply click the 'Select profiles' button and find the people whose contact information you want to display, one by one. Finally, save the page and you have created a people listing.

If you are creating a research group page and want to add your research group members, you need the ACRIS Organisational Unit ID. For more information, check out the page Research group: how to create?

List of department personnel in

Visibility settings

The visibility settings for each profile can be modified by every single individual of the Aalto community. Therefore, if you want to hide your profile picture or your telephone number you can do it yourself by editing your own profile.

The source of information is Workday (for service personnel) and ACRIS database (for academic personnel). If you want to find more information about this, you can do so on the page Profiles at

More Drupal instructions

Liftups visualise content

Here, you will find a short description of and a link to the different liftup components available to you at With them, you can visualise and highlight the versatile content on the site.

Profiles at

On this page you will find more information on the personnel profiles used at the website.

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