People liftups

This component is a good and practical tool to show contact details for a department, service unit, or members in a project, for example. The order of the contact details can be random, manually or alphabetically organised.
Screenshot of People Liftup component i.e. image shows a department's personnel listed as photo, name and title. Drupal guidelines use.

Department's people

It's easy to add department's personnel by using People liftups component. Here's an example on how:

1. Log in to Aalto People and find the department's page. In this example, it's the Department of Information and Service Economy

2. Copy from the URL the department's ID number  47178, see pic below.

Drupal update news. Screenshot for point 3

3. In Drupal, add the component People liftups and the copied ID number in the field: Aalto People organisational unit ID.

List of department personnel in

4. Finally, save the page and you've created a people listing.

NB If you have a profile both in the ACRIS and Aalto People databases, the People liftup shows your ACRIS contact details. The ACRIS details need to be amended by the person concerned themselves, if need be, whereas the Aalto People information is HR-related.

Select profiles function

If there is a need to add only a few people as a list from Aalto People, you can do that with the People liftups component by selecting the said persons one by one with the Select profiles function, see image below. Kindly note, that this funcionality and the *Aalto People organisational unit ID' funtionality cannot be used at the same time.

Adding research group members

If you're creating a research group page and want to add your research group members, check out this page.

Learning Environments Research Group, a few cardboard rectangles with different-colour circles and squares glued on them.

Research group: how to create?

Instructions on how to create a new research group page and add research output.

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