External liftup

External liftups are used to create links to content residing outside the site in a way that is cohesive with the rest of your page.
Screenshot of Drupal CMS dropdown menu with add content and extrenal liftup selections circled in red.
Select External liftup from menu.

To create an external liftup hover your mouse on "Content" in the upper left-hand corner and select from the drop-down menu "Add content" followed by "External liftup".

Screenshot of basic information field for external liftups
Basic information field.

Enter link and click "Fill page details". The details and image of the page will be fetched and filled automatically. Edit any fields if necessary. Check the “Published” box and save.

Note that Drupal is not always able to fetch the image and information automatically, or these may not work for your content (these depend on the content you're linking to). So if these are not fetched, or they are not proper for your needs, please add an image and add/edit the text.

Once you have created your external liftup, you can add it to your page as a manual or single liftup component.

N.B.: Remember to create translations for your external liftups.

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