Teacher’s Handbook

Teacher’s Handbook

In this handbook, you can find information on teaching at Aalto University. The handbook seeks to provide practical information on teaching practices; rules, regulations, and guidelines concerning teaching; digital platforms for teaching and learning; and physical learning spaces for teaching.

In addition, the section ‘Teacher's onboarding’ guides new teachers towards essential information on how to get started with teaching at Aalto.

The Teacher’s Handbook is maintained by Teacher Services.  

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Teaching practices

A checklist for teaching practices and steps that need to be taking over the entire lifespan of a course.

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Rules, regulations, and guidelines concerning teaching

From this page you can find the rules and regulations which teacher must consider when planning and implementing teaching at Aalto University.

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Digital platforms for teaching and learning in Aalto University

Every teacher's core digital platforms include the student information system Sisu and the digital learning environment MyCourses.
Here, you will also find digital platforms that facilitate everyday tasks in contact and online teaching.

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Learning spaces for teaching

In Learning spaces for teaching, you can find basic information on teaching and learning facilities in Aalto University campus.

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Teacher onboarding

Welcome to teach at Aalto University! This page is designed to support your onboarding path as a teacher. Here you can find information on Aalto University's teaching and learning culture, practices of teaching as well as developing as a teacher.

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Navigation instructions

You can browse the handbook through the sections. When a page has a Teacher’s Handbook link on top, you are viewing Teacher’s Handbook content.

In addition to its own content, the handbook has links to many Aalto.fi webpages, such as ‘Academic policies and regulations’, ‘Curriculum design‘, and various other resources.

You will know you have left the handbook content when there is no longer a Teacher’s Handbook link above the page title.

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