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The world needs new and revolutionary ideas, solutions, entrepreneurship, work and new kind of leadership. These will not come about by themselves. A donation to Aalto University is a donation for strong, internationally successful Finland.

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I hope the amount of microdonors will grow in the future for small actions can make a big difference.

Stella Kallionpää, School of Business alumna



Radio astronomy takes you on an expedition to space

Radio astronomy provides us with information on the most distant celestial objects – and our own position in the universe. The field depends on extremely accurate measuring devices and huge amounts of data.

Give for the future

Health and wellbeing architects create human environments shaped by technology, medicine and social sciences

Research in the field of architecture in healthcare and wellbeing brings together professionals in design and service planning, statisticians and economists, and clinicians and user representatives.

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Pack-Age Design -kurssin satoa

Looks do matter! Stand out from the masses with intelligent package design.

Package design plays a major role in the business of companies. At best, it encapsulates the entire philosophy of the product and the brand; it creates expectations, and impressions of the quality of the product and brand, which often are catalysts for the first purchase.

Give for the future
Members of the Water and Development research group from the left: Pekka Kinnunen, Maija Taka, Lauri Ahopelto, Amy Fallon, Olli Varis and Venla Niva. Photo: Nita Vera.

Donation funds a supportive doctoral school

A new, motivating and communal path towards a doctoral degree was realised thanks to a donation from the Land and Water Technology Foundation.


Why Aalto?

By donating to Aalto University you support research and work on behalf of a stronger Finland that succeeds in international competition. Aalto University generates new ideas, cutting-edge research, high-class experts, entrepreneurship, work and new kind of leadership. We need the courage to take a leap into the unknown, to learn and try new things. Aalto University wants to be a strong participant and partner in this process.

Many reasons to donate
Aalto-1 satelliitti. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen

A pioneer in research, arts and education

Aalto University is blazing the path for the needs of today and tomorrow. By conducting groundbreaking research, creating innovative art, collaborating with our international partners, and educating game changers, we are creating new jobs, opportunities, networks, economic growth and well-being.

Our researchers represent the best in their fields. Our corporate collaboration activities have been ranked among the top in the world, and our entrepreneurial programmes have caught the world’s attention.

By donating, you can help create a better tomorrow!

Learning@Aalto, Oppimispalvelut, kuva Pavel Arkharov

We educate game changers. Our study programmes help shape the creators and doers of the future in a variety of fields.

Aalto students studying, photo: Aino Huovi

We provide new ways to support learning. We utilise the latest technologies and the best pedagogical practices. We invite experts from different fields to join us in teaching the skills that are needed in working life.

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

We help enterprises and communities renew. Our leadership training is among the best in Europe. We help business experts update their knowledge with our adult education programmes.

Functional Materials major, Laboratory research

We solve the great challenges facing society. Our researchers are developing among other things more efficient energy solutions, unique new materials, and technologies that promote health.

Aerial view of the Otaniemi campus.

We have a world-class innovation campus. Our main campus will be transformed into the world's best innovation hub, where people from different fields meet to innovate and co-create.

Did you know that donations to Aalto University are tax-deductible?

Aalto University Foundation (Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö) operates as Aalto University (section 1, Universities Act (558/2009)), a publicly funded university within the European Economic Area referred to in the Finnish Tax Administration Guidelines for Donation Reduction in Community Tax (Lahjoitusvähennyksestä yhteisöverotuksessa). Donations made to Aalto University Foundation are tax-deductible according to Finnish Tax Administration laws.

Students walking on the Aalto campus in the spring. Photo by Aalto University

Leave a gift in your will

Leave a meaningful legacy for future generations by leaving a gift to Aalto University in your will.

With the gift, you will be supporting the University's first-class research and teaching, which creates a solid foundation for future change and opens up opportunities for new generations.

You can decide which field of science your gift will support.

For matters related to wills, please contact:

Donor Engagement, Jaana Tammisto
tel. +358 50 409 5772
email: [email protected]

Give your support to what matters the most

You can donate to the common Aalto Fund or to the fund of a specific field: business, arts, or technology. You can support the education of future experts or the development of the campus area.

You can also donate to various key research themes such as ICT and the digitalisation of society, art and design, health and well-being, user-centric living environments, advanced energy solutions, business in a changing global environment, or new materials and the sustainable use of natural resources.

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Aalto University in general

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary, international university built out of six schools.

Give for the future
The photo shows students studying at the School of Business. Photo by Mikko Raskinen.

Field of business and economics

Aalto University's mission both home and abroad is to respond to the constantly changing needs of business life.

Give for the future
Taiteen ja suunnittelun korkeakoulun opiskelijoita suunnittelutöissä.

Field of arts and design

Combining science and art to create new perspectives and experiences. When you donate to the field of arts and design at Aalto University, you provide your support for research and education in arts and design, which focus not only on individual works but also on the design of products, services and human-centric living environments.

Give for the future
Information Technologies in Industrial Automation

Fields of science and technology

Aalto University is creating more sustainable energy solutions and addressing key challenges in health and wellness technology.

Give for the future
Game of Trains –matkan ideana oli tehdä vaihto-opiskelua tutuksi puolin ja toisin Euroopan yliopistoissa. Kuva: Game of Trains -opiskelijat

The experts of the future - Aalto Game Changers

Aalto University Game Changers – change the world! At Aalto University, we believe in the power of curiosity. We encourage our students to explore the unknown, learn and do things in completely new ways – to break boundaries together.

Give for the future
Aerial view of the Otaniemi campus.

Campus development

The continuously expanding and developing Otaniemi campus attracts new expertise and entrepreneurship from around the world.

Give for the future
Audience listening to a presentation.

ICT and digitalisation

Digitalisation is revolutionising industry, business life and society worldwide. When it comes to digitalisation, Aalto is the leading university in Finland and among the top 1% in the world.

Give for the future
Slag2PCC researchers at the facility.

Advanced energy solutions

Aalto University’s multidisciplinary expertise is being directed towards developing even more sustainable energy solutions. The key parts of this endeavour include the production, storage, transfer and use of energy.

Give for the future
Terveys ja hyvinvointitutkimusta

Health and wellbeing development

Promoting the research on health and wellbeing and providing technologies for the use of innovations, growth companies and business in general are at the core of what we do.

Give for the future
Kansainvälinen yritystoiminta, opiskelijoita pöydän ääressä.

Global business

One of Aalto University's goals is to promote the creation of business-related knowledge with the help of impactful research. Our high-quality and multidisciplinary research focuses on topics that are truly significant to society, and contributes significantly to the competitiveness as well as renewal of Finnish industry and serves to help policy decision making.

Give for the future
Elokuvataiteen opiskelua

Art and creative practices

Art and creative practices form an important part of the multidisciplinarity that is practiced at Aalto University. Multidisciplinary artistic activities create meanings, definitions, new applications, creativity and innovations.

Give for the future
Environmental Hydraulics Lab Water_Engineering kuvaaja Mikko Raskinen

User-centric living environments

The comprehensive design, implementation and testing of human-centric living environments come together as a multidisciplinary collaborative project at Aalto University.

Give for the future
Sustainable Metals Processing laboratory

Materials and sustainable use of natural resources

Aalto university’s goal is to promote the application and development of materials research in for example the fields of technology, energy, health, design and business.

Give for the future

Sustainable Ioncell fibre

Ioncell is a technology created in Finland that turns used textiles, pulp or even old newspapers into new textile fibres sustainably and without harmful chemicals.

Give for the future
Brändikuvat Unto Rautio

Every donation is important to Aalto University

Every donation helps promote our groundbreaking research and educational activities. We appreciate every donor who wants to support the development of Aalto.

Your donations help strengthen the deep and long-lasting bond between Aalto University and its supporters.

Donate – become part of our network!

Do you have questions about donating?

Thank you!

Donors to Aalto University, who have given permission to publish their names.

Meet our donors
Aalto University / Otaniemi campus / summer / Finland

Fundraising principles and permits

The fundraising principles of Aalto University are public, transparent principles aimed for the University's existing and potential donors.

Aalto University fundraising principles and permits

Aalto provides high-class research and education in water technology, and we definitely want to support that!

Timo Maasilta, Operational Lead, Land and Water Technology Foundation


New York_June 2019
Cooperation, University Published:

New biomaterials and their market potential are at the centre of interest in the United States

How can bio-based materials be adopted as an alternative to synthetic plastics on an industrial scale? Is it possible for environmentally friendly textile production to be profitable?
Aalto-yliopiston kemian tekniikan korkeakoulun tutkimusta, kuva Mikko Raskinen
Cooperation, Research & Art Published:

Funding for four new Academy Research Fellow and 14 Postdoctoral Researcher posts

The funding for the five-year Academy Research Fellow and the three-year Postdoctoral Researcher posts was awarded by the Academy of Finland's Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering.
Harald Herlin -oppimiskeskus.
Cooperation, Press releases Published:

Helsinki GSE recruited expertise in competition economics

Jiekai Zhang, PhD from Toulouse Business School, has been appointed assistant professor in competition economics and empirical industrial organization at the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics. The position is housed at Hanken School of Economics.
STEK ry lahjoitti kaksi Voimala -oppimispakettia Aalto Juniorille
Cooperation Published:

Ideas for electricity teaching from Voimala

STEK donated two Voimala learning packages to Aalto Junior.

Läs artiklar från givarrelationer (på engelska)

Articles from Donor Engagement

Donations can make a difference in many ways: you can create new, improve old, develop business or advance national and international ventures.


Kun tietotekniikan laitoksen uusi apulaisprofessori Elisa Mekler teki väitöskirjaansa, pelillistämisen tutkiminen psykologisesta, teoreettisesta näkökulmasta motivaatioteorioita hyödyntäen oli uutta. "Sitä ei yksinkertaisesti tehty aikaisemmin", Mekler sanoo.
Appointments, Research & Art Published:

Assistant Professor Elisa Mekler: Gaming can help to cope with difficult life situations and improve one’s wellbeing

Elisa Mekler found out in her recent study that video games might help people to cope with difficult life situations, which offers a new challenge to game designers
Juha Siivola ja Ilkka Hyytiäinen. Kuva: Matthew Allinson.
Appointments Published:

Meet the new Innovation Advisors at SCI

We chat to Ilkka Hyytiäinen and Juha Siivola who, along with Tuomas Planman will support the school as innovation advisors
Teknologiapäällikkö Panu Sainio
Appointments Published:

Panu Sainio appointed School of Engineering technology manager

Sainio's responsibilities include the development of the school's Technical Support Services and the Aalto Works block in association with the future users of the block as well as Aalto Campus & Real Estate (ACRE).
Krisztina Cziner
Appointments, University Published:

Krisztina Cziner appointed as Head of Platform Services

She acts as matrix supervisor for all platform managers and will develop the platform concept as well as other ways to support multidisciplinarity.


Iines Jakovlev: Hidden Lake Photo: Anne Kinnunen
Exhibitions and fairs

Fragile Water design exhibition at Helsinki Airport

The exhibition Fragile Water brings attention to our use of water.
Keramiikkataidetta Venetsian tutkimuspaviljongissa
Exhibitions and fairs

Traces from the Anthropocene: Working with Soil in Research Pavilion #3 in Venice

Artist-researchers from Aalto ARTS conduct a multidisciplinary research project addressing ecological consequences of human imprint through ceramic art.
Image: Taneli Luotoniemi.
Exhibitions and fairs

IN TRANSITION - Mathematics and Art student exhibition at the Espoo Cultural Centre

The exhibition showcases student work from the Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors course
Name and dates of the exhibition
Exhibitions and fairs

Re-imagining the Past - Stories from the Aalto Archives exhibition

Exhibition highlights carefully selected items from the Aalto University Archives.
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