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Automatic liftups wizardry

These components help you create newsfeeds, list upcoming events and create article series that update automatically.
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Automatic liftups are the best solution when new content is added regularly. There are three different automatic liftup components available for the aalto.fi editors at the moment:

  • automatic event liftup
  • automatic news liftup
  • automatic article liftup

This article presents these components and ideas on how to use them creatively.

General tips

  1. Automatic liftups filter content based on metadata.

    • Filling in one metadata field only with one keyword (e.g. secondary tag: sustainability) displays all content with that tag.
    • Filling in one metadata field only with multiple keywords (e.g. secondary tags "sustainability" and "machine learning") displays content that contains at least one of those keywords.
    • Filling in multiple metadata fields (e.g. category and primary tag), displays content matching at least one keyword in each metadata field used in the liftup.
  2. As automatic liftups only display the four newest articles/news/events, the "See all" button links to the rest of the filtered content. However, the "See all" button can be changed to redirect readers to any other page.
  3. Some content in aalto.fi is available for internal users only. Whenever you create a new liftup, make sure that the liftup visibility settings and role restrictions are complementary with the content you wish to display.
  4. If you wish to create an automatic liftup with a secondary tag that is not existing at the moment, you will need to submit a request to the Digital Experience and Analytics team so that the new tag is created.
Graphic showing how tagging affects automatic liftups

Understanding the logic behind automatic liftups

If you are creating a general feed for a school’s main page, for example, you might leave fields blank to include all possible search terms. But if you want a more topic-specific feed, we should include at least one keyword from any metadata field at that page. The more fields we fill out with at least one keyword similar to that page, the narrower is our result. On the other hand, more keywords per field widens the result again. Make sure to check if you are pleased with the type and amount of pages that shows once you have created the liftup.

More information

Tagging content at aalto.fi

Webpages can be tagged through a number of metadata fields. Each metadata field has a purpose, providing structure to the page (Content home) and information to search filters and feeds (Primary/Secondary tags, Relates to and Category).

Screenshot of the article lift-up component example showing four images side-by-side with lead text.

Automatic liftups: news, events & articles

This component helps you create newsfeeds and list upcoming events.

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