Research group: how to create?

Instructions on how to create a new research group page.

Easy steps on how you can create a page for research group


Go to: to enter the edit mode.

Use your Aalto ID to sign in (upper right corner).

Basic information

  • Click on "Content" in the upper left-hand corner and select from the drop-down menu "Add content" and  "Research Group".
example / add research group
  • Language: choose the primary language for the research group and for editing it  (English / Finnish / Swedish)
  • Name*: name the research group
  • Summary*: write a short introduction about the research group (this will be shown only when the page is lifted up somewhere across the site)
  • Main image: add an appealing main image for the research group page (don't use a picture that includes text e.g. infographic)


  • Content home*: choose the department closest to the group
  • Primary tags: Research (and if some other tags fit well)
  • Secondary tags: choose the ones that suit the best

Introduction (a.k.a. components and content pieces)

  • First add a component called: "Add text: Lead text", then add component: "Add text: Text paragraph"
example / add components to the research group page

Automatic feed: publications and outputs

  • You can add an automatic feed of your research groups' publications and outputs.
  • Open your research group's page on and add a new component: "Add other: automatic research outputs"
  • Edit the title if "Latest publications" is not ok.
  • Add a description text (it will be shown before the actual outputs), if needed
  • Paste your ( group id to the field "Organisational Unit Id (all languages)"
  • Leave the "Person id" field empty.
  • Finally click on "Save".
  • You should now have all your research group's outputs from ACRIS on your research group's page, e.g. like this:
Research group, example: outputs
  • By clicking on a certain ouput, you are taken to that publication at (ACRIS)
  • By clicking on "Research database", you are taken to your research group at

Automatic feed: research group members

  • You can also add your research group members to the page by creating an automatic feed.
  • First, you need to find your research group at: (search e.g. by the group name)
  • Copy your research group's id from the URL (highlighted with blue):
Research group id
  • Then, find and open your research group's page on (you will find your research group on the department page)
  • Add a new component: "people: People liftups"
  • Give a title to this component: Research group members
  • Paste your ( group id to the field "Organisational Unit Id"
  • Finally, click on "Save"
  • You should now have all your research group members from ACRIS on your research group's page, e.g. like this:
Research group members feed
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