The research at our school focuses on advanced energy solutions, condensed matter and materials physics; creation and transformation of technology based business; data science and artificial intelligence; health technology; neuroscience; and software engineering. Get to know more information about us below, including information on joining us to research and study.

Interesting people

Risto Ilmoniemi, photo by: Hayley Le

Risto Ilmoniemi: The most important thing is having confidence that others will be there to support and help when needed

'I have thought many times that I am going to give up the whole thing: this is not going to work. But I recover quickly: often already on the next day, optimism is reborn.'

Vili Lehdonvirta, phóto: Mikko Raskinen, Aalto University

Vili Lehdonvirta: The digital world isn’t a separate dimension in some virtual cloud

Vili Lehdonvirta has joined Aalto University as a professor at the Department of Computer Science. He also continues to work half-time at the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute.

Olli Ikkala ja Esa Saarinen

Olli Ikkala and Esa Saarinen found a common thread in baroque music and lecturing

Olli Ikkala will continue his research on nature-inspired materials and will find himself again as an organist after his busy research career. Esa Saarinen, on the other hand, continued to lecture the Philosophy and Systems Thinking (Filosofia ja systeemiajattelu) course to packed halls this spring. When they met, they discussed the organ and the atmosphere of the lectures.


Press releases


Keeping your data from Apple is harder than expected

New study shows that the default apps collect data even when supposedly disabled, and this is hard to switch off

perinteinen puhelin

Why won’t some people use a smartphone? And is that difficult?

Adjustments and flexibility are necessary to live without a smartphone


Latest news

A person looking towards the future
Studies, University Published:

5 ways to train your creativity this Spring and Summer

To celebrate the United Nations World Creativity Day on April 21, we made a list of five tips to boost your creativity this Spring/Summer
A man stands against a white background.
Awards and Recognition Published:

Broadband miniaturized spectrometer research receives QTF annual discovery award 2024

The clarity and compelling presentation of the research were one of the reasons why Doctoral Researcher Md Uddin earned the prize for the research paper, which was published in Nature Communications.
Campus Published:

Bike thefts on campus have increased - remember to lock your bike properly

With the spring, bike thefts on the Aalto University campus have increased
Tissue Culture Spinner, a machine with many test tubes attached.
Research & Art Published:

A new way to do controlled experiments in medicine: simulate the control

Generative AI could augment randomized controlled trials.

What's on?

Upcoming events at the school

How to share research data: Examples from engineering and human sciences
Lectures and seminars, Staff trainings, Support for teams, Training to support research

How to Share Research Data: Examples from engineering and human sciences, Apr 23, 2024

Learn about sharing research data with Data Agent Clemens Icheln and Information Specialist Laura Mure.
Cover image_MSCA-PF-training
For Aalto community Lectures and seminars, Staff trainings, Support for teams, Training to support research

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships training for Aalto applicants, 24 April, 15 May and 5 June 2024

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) funding for Postdoctoral Fellowships is aimed at postdoctoral researchers with up to 8 years of research experience after their doctoral degree, who would like to move within or to Europe and beyond to carry out research. The researcher applies for funding in cooperation with the host organisation.
Screenshot of a ppt template for the School of Chemical Engineering
For Aalto community Communications training

Biweekly Teams clinics on new PowerPoint templates

The biweekly clinics are on Wednesdays starting 13.3. at 13 - 14. Join Teams for discussion with any questions you may have, and for inspiration.
Ask a Data Agent Weekly RDM Support Hour 1 - 2 PM on Zoom
For Aalto community Support for teams, Training to support research

Aalto Data Agents' weekly support hour on Zoom

A weekly Zoom room to come and ask us anything about research data and open science: data management, data storage, data analysis, data sharing, reproducibility, responsible conduct of research, data privacy, ethics.

Student stories

A dire need for experts in mathematics and analytical reasoning opened a world of possibilities for Matilde Costa

A fascinating course offering, the opportunity for paid summer internships, and high-quality education. Aalto University’s Mathematics and Operations Research programme was the right choice for Matilde Costa, who has a passion for algebra and number theory.

Matilde Costa at the learning centre

"It is a privilege to have this much freedom of choice” – master's programme opened up top-notch research opportunities and career paths from electronics to machine learning

Appealing opportunities for interesting summer jobs and the prospect of conducting a thesis in a preferred subject drew Evren Korkmazgil to enroll in the Engineering Physics master's programme at Aalto University.


Information networks brought Ruusu Kukkurainen and Ida Koponen together – podcast hosts talk openly about highs and lows of student life

Ida Koponen and Ruusu Kukkurainen host a podcast in which they share their experiences as university students.


Master's student Anna Huttunen: ‘Listening to others can help you listen to yourself’

Anna Huttunen, a multi-year student tutor and current wellbeing ambassador, shares her thoughts on student wellbeing and how it could be improved.

Anna Huttunen

Emil Stråka: It’s interesting to see physicists and chemists complement each other’s expertise

'It’s interesting to see how physicists and chemists can be looking at the same system, and yet arrive at very different conclusions, questions, and results. In LIBER Center of Excellence, you can see the expertise from different disciplines.'

Emil Stråka, photo by Linda Lehtovirta.

Leila Arstila: As a recent graduate, I have a whole world ahead of me

'We could learn to listen to ourselves and be kinder to ourselves. After burning out, it's really hard to climb back up. It would be easier to stop before the fall.'

Leila Arstila, photo by Linda Lehtovirta
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