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At Aalto University Learning Services, we head up all the services that facilitate the smooth progression of Aalto studies right from the commencement of studies through to graduation, degree completion and becoming an alumni.
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Service information:

Open University: [email protected]

Admission Services: [email protected]

Library services: [email protected]

Student Services: [email protected]

Learning Services Communications:[email protected]

Service contact information

Aalto University: Learning Centre Café

Learning Services management

Aalto University Learning Services (LES) management and contact information.

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Language Centre

The Language Centre is a joint teaching and service unit for languages and communications at Aalto University both for students and staff. The goal of the Language Centre is to provide students and staff with such language and communication skills that give a strong foundation for success in both studies and in the world of work.

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Programme Management Services

Programme Management Services team is a part of Aalto Learning Services.

Looking at course information on MyCourses

Teacher services

The Teacher services team develops and provides the necessary support for digital services for teaching and study administration. The team is a part of Learning Services.


Student Services

Student services' task is to support study progress and study ability at the university. Here you can find the contact information of Student services team.

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Service Points

Service Points team staff by remits and projects.

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External Customer Services

External Customer Services team by remits and projects. The team is a part of Learning Services.

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Doctoral education services

Doctoral education services team is part of Learning Services.

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School of Engineering Learning Services

School of Engineering Learning Services staff by remits and teams.

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School of Business Learning Services

School of Business Learning Services staff by remits and teams.

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School of Chemical Engineering Learning Services

School of Chemical Engineering Learning Services contact information by remits and teams.

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School of Science Learning Services

School of Science Learning Services staff by remits and teams.

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture Learning Services

School of Arts, Design and Architecture Learning Services staff by remits and teams.


The customers of the services are students, teachers, teaching management and external customers (potential students and alumni).

Learning Services personnel is located partly in schools, partly in joint services.

Joint units Language Centre and  Learning Centre (library) are part of Learning Services.

Success of Students study well-being initiative (2016-2020). Image: Arttu Haglund

Success of Students study well-being project

The goal of the initiative is to enhance the success of students by advancing study support, teaching and learning services and focusing support.

Study at Aalto
People talking and working in the café in Harald Herlin Learning Center, white lamps hanging in front.

Pedagogical training: main page

Do you want to develop yourself as a teacher? Start Aalto pedagogical training with A! Peda Intro and continue with other core courses, or check the available elective courses.

Photo from the K-floor of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre, students working at desks.

Harald Herlin Learning Centre

Otaniementie 9

Harald Herlin Learning Centre offers you library services and facilities for studying working.

Opiskelijoiden tukeminen, ohjaus ja hyvinvointi

Student support, guidance and study well-being

Study well-being is important in Aalto University and it is one of our strategic initiatives. We want to ensure our students’ success, capabilities and wellbeing in a multicultural and diverse community. Study well-being questionnaire results indicate that students who feel well also study well. We have many ways to support this wellbeing by providing first-class study support and doing continuous development of teaching.

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Course practicalities

This article offers information on course practicalities for teachers.

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Academic advising

Academic advising is a part of advising system that covers the whole study path of the student. Attending academic advising is a part of studies.


New living strategy

On Our plan 2022–2025 page you can explore Aalto University's joint and school-specific strategic plans.


Our strategy

Aalto University's future is built upon a foundation of high-quality research, education, impact and shared values – responsibility, courage, and collaboration. The purpose of the university is to shape a sustainable future.

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Our plan 2022-2025

Explore our strategic plans for 2022-2025

Our strategy

New joint strategic initiatives in the field of learning in 2022:

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing 2022.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

On these page you will find information and interesting references to improve wellbeing at Aalto University!

Professor emeritus Esa Saarinen talks about teaching (and a lot more)

OASIS archives: Vice President Petri Suomala zoomed with Dr. Kamilah Majied and discussed equity, inclusivity and diversity. Watch the video!

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Proficiency in Finland’s languages strengthened in national collaboration

Aalto University is promoting the learning of the national languages of Finland – Finnish and Swedish – as part of a broader programme for internationalisation and its Talent Boost programme.


Joint strategic initiatives in the fields of education and learning in 2016–2020:

Support for teaching and learning

Training to support digital teaching

Teacher services team organises training events, webinarsand workshops for users of shared learning platforms and tools. MyCourses, Panopto, Turnitin, EXAM, Presemo

Tiimitapaaminen / kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto, Unto Rautio

Sisu – information system for studying and teaching

Sisu is the core information system for teaching and studies. It was launched in early August 2021.

Three smiling persons and the text "let's move on with Sisu"

Internationalisation of teaching and learning

Promoting international teaching and studying is a central element in Aalto University strategy.

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