Components: how to create content for

Here you can find instructions for the components that are used at These include but are not limited to text, image, video, social media and liftup components.

Remember that you can add components only in the original language version of your content, and then translate any text in them in your translation.

Text components for

There are a few different ways to display actual text at Learn the difference between a quote and a highlight.

Liftups visualise content

Here, you will find a short description of and a link to the different liftup components available to you at With them, you can visualise and highlight the versatile content on the site.

Image and media components for

There are several ways to display images and media at Learn more about the media slider, gallery and video component.

Image with text component engages your reader

Learn about media placements and default and adaptive settings.

Three students sitting next to a wooden table, and studying. Two of them have laptops in front of them. Photo: Unto Rautio

Adding files as attachments

Dive into the specifics of the Attachments component.

Social media component

Learn how to highlight, for example, your school's social media channels.

Adding a table of contents; anchor links appear automatically

Help users find information on your page by adding a table of contents. Anchor links can be used to link to the right place on any page at

Illustration, red shape on a yellow background. / Graphic designer Babi Brasileiro.

Components for hub landing pages

Learn about the components that are exclusive for hub landing pages. Learn also about which components that can only be used for select hubs.

image of hero magazine component, text and links on left, image on the right

Infographics component

Highlight essential figures to showcase degree structure or rankings, for example. Infographics component allows you to draw the attention to meaningful numeric information. With a coloured background and linking possibility the component is versatile and visually pleasing.

Screen capture of three examples of infographics component

All Drupal instructions

This page compiles all Drupal instructions. Drupal is the content management system of the website.

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