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Department of Computer Science: MSc Thesis Presentation

Jere Hirviniemi and Oskari Järvinen will present their MSc theses on Wednesday 24 July at 14:15 in A211, CS building.
Image showing silica sand
Public defences

Public defence in Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. Nurul Anwar

Inorganic foundry binders for sustainable sand molding (Title of the Thesis)
Students walking on the Aalto campus in the spring. Photo by Aalto University

A! Walk

Our upcoming walks invite you to explore the interwoven natural, human and environmental aspects of the campus.
Doctoral hat floating above a speaker's podium with a microphone
Public defences

Public defence in Micro- and nanosciences, M.Sc. Xiaoqi Cui

The integration of novel materials and platforms unlocks the photon, a quantum of light, for broader engineering and advanced applications.
Researcher looking at a reserch device.

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