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Public defences

Mobile phone antenna prototype with a metal rim. The prototype consists of four antenna elements on each long side of the phone.
Public defences
Abstract visualization of the Sines-Transients-Noise decomposition
Public defences

Public defence in Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, M.Sc. Leonardo Fierro

Audio Decomposition for Time Stretching (title of the thesis)
Doctoral hat floating above a speaker's podium with a microphone
Public defences

Public defence in Management Science, M.Sc. Ellie Dillon

Title of the thesis "Model-based approaches to decision making in healthcare delivery”

Entrance to the rock engineering laboratory.
Lectures and seminars


5/2024. Featuring presentations of master's theses from the Master's Programme in Geoengineering.
Researcher looking at a reserch device.

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