Drupal: Aalto.fi website

Aalto.fi website: Drupal instructions

On this page, you can find news and blog posts about the project, as well as instructions on how to make most out of aalto.fi. The content management system of aalto.fi is Drupal. Please note, that some content, such as internal news, is only visible for logged-in users.

Should you have any feedback regarding the new site, please send it to [email protected].

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Useful information in creating content

Get to know the different components that make your content appealing. Have a read through the guidelines for writing news articles that catch the reader's attention right from the title on.

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Components: how to create content for aalto.fi?

Get to know the aalto.fi components for creating versatility and visuality when delivering your content.

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Make pages findable in searches with SEO

Boost your webpages with search engine optimisation (SEO). Read on!

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Adding images, ALT text, changing cropping and focal points

Uploading images and adding alternative (ALT) text for accessibility. Changing focal point will effect the way the image is cropped.

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General writing guidelines for articles in English

How to write and edit English-language press releases and news.

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Siteimprove helps you polish the content

The tool automatically scans your pages, and seeks for improvements, such as broken links and misspellings, which you can then correct. Read on!


Beginner's guide to Drupal

Are you a newbie at creating and editing content at aalto.fi? Here is good news for you: There is an entire page just for that purpose, gathering tips and links to get you started!

Illustration that shows how aalto.fi is built on independent hubs and pages and doesn't have a hierarchy.

Beginner's guide to Drupal

This guide is a portal to instructional content for new editors at aalto.fi.


Aalto.fi blog

The blog, dedicated to aalto.fi, offers information about the development process and updates of the newest features and functions added to the site. Follow the blog and keep abreast of the latest developments!

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Drupal: Aalto.fi website

Drupal spin-off sites

Learn about how you can get your own Drupal website based on aalto.fi
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Drupal: Aalto.fi website

Tips on using links, liftups and attachments

As web content creators, linking to other content is essential. This blog post shows three different ways to direct the user to more information.
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Drupal: Aalto.fi website

Aalto.fi page types

Want to learn more about a specific page type at aalto.fi? This blog post summarizes the most common page types and links to further instructions.
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Drupal: Aalto.fi website

Advanced tips on using images

Using images is a big part of content creating at aalto.fi. In this blog post, we’ll go more into depth regarding what kind of images to use for your content, how to modify the images so that they look good on any device and what to avoid when choosing an image for your page.

Aalto.fi tutorial videos and guidelines

In addition to the Drupal components, you have aalto.fi tutorial videos to guide you in easy steps on how to create your content.

See all Drupal guidelines for help in creating your content.

Aalto.fi site structure

This page will help you get to know the aalto.fi platform and its features.

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How to create an event at aalto.fi

Event pages offer a set of functionalities to help you address all the necessary information to users.

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How to create and edit an article page at aalto.fi

An article page can be used to present any type of information or content. The topic can be, for example, collaboration options, a certain research area or architecture in Otaniemi. Here's how to do that.

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Liftups visualise content

Here, you'll find a short description of and a link to the different liftup components available to you at aalto.fi. With them, you can visualise and highlight the versatile content on the site.

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Tagging content at aalto.fi

When creating new content, you can use metadata, such as tagging, to help people to find your page. Metadata defines how the page will relate to other pages at aalto.fi and helps users find relevant content. This tutorial explains metadata for creating new content.

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Profiles at aalto.fi

On this page you will find more information on the personnel profiles used at the aalto.fi website.

Profiles 2020

The aalto.fi project is part of the university's digitalisation project and it spans over four years. The project for renewing aalto.fi started at the end of 2017 with moving all aalto.fi site content and integrating Inside to the new content management system. The aim of the project is to create a digital extension of our campus – a communications platform – which provides an easy starting point for everyone’s day. Finding information and sharing it, performing tasks, as well as finding people, is made as easy as can be.

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