Service index page gathers services on one topic as an index

Service index page lists service articles on specific topics. The purpose is to offer users an easy way of seeing all service articles related to one topic.

Some service provides have tens, even more than a hundred service articles. This may make it more difficult for users to find the specific information they're looking for, especially if they are unsure of the correct terms (for example occupational health care vs. doctor).

For this purpose, you can use a page type called Service Index. The purpose of this page type is to gather services articles on services provided by one service provider, on a specific topic.

For example, let's say there are 50 service articles provided by an imaginary service provider, doggy daycare. Of these 50 service articles, 15  describes what kinds of services they provide to dogs in their care, such as clipping nails, brushing teeth, giving baths. So if the customer finds an article explaining what type of shampoos they use when giving a bath to their dog, they might not notice that the daycare also provides a service on clipping dogs' nails.

So to help users easily see all of these service articles that the doggy daycare provides, they can now create a service index page, called "Grooming services".

Before going into detail on how you can create this page type, please note that:

  1. Service index page must include at least two sections, i.e. subtopics (e.g. articles under Giving baths), and each subtopic must include at least three service articles. If you have less content, please don't create an index page. It will be too short and will not help users search and find information.
  2. Not all service articles need to be included in a service index page. These are only aimed at service providers with a lot of content.
  3. The digital experience and analytics team in communications will reserve the right to delete any index pages that don't have enough content on them.

How to create a service index page

Start by logging in to the system by clicking on the Log in button in the top navigation.
Then, hover your mouse over "Content" in the upper left-hand corner and select "Add content" from the drop-down menu, then "Service Index".

Fill out the basic information and metadata

  • Content owner*: Content is the person responsible for this content. Click "Select profiles" and search for that person by their name. There can only be one content owner per content. Only editors can see the name (in the tab Content owner).
  • Language*: Choose the primary language (editing language) for the article (English / Finnish / Swedish). You can create other language versions later.
  • Title*: Give a headline for the article/page. Keep the title short but descriptive. Service index pages will automatically include "- Index page" at the end, so your page title will be in the form of "The title you type - Index page".
  • Lead text: The lead text is an introduction to explain more what is the topic of the service articles gathered on this page. For this page type, there is no separate field for the summary, so where ever your index page is being lifted up, the lead text will appear. 1-4 sentences or a short paragraph is an appropriate length.

  • Service provider: Select your service unit. All service articles lifted up on this index page must be service articles and provided by a single service provider, the one selected here.

Screenshot of the backend for creating a service index page.
Screenshot of the backend of creating a service index page. How to add sections.

Now you're ready to start gathering your service articles under sections, or subtopics! In the example given above (index article on "Grooming services" for a doggy daycare), one section could be, for example, "Spa services", and under that they'd gather articles related to that subtopic, such as, "Types of shampoo we use", "Our prices for bathing doggies" and "Blow-dry options".

Note that you need to add at least two sections for subtopics. Each section must include the minimum of three service articles.

Screenshot of the backend of Drupal showing how to add service articles to service index pages.

To add service articles to your section, just click "Select services", narrow down the results shown here by selecting the same service provider (your service unit) selected for this service index page, and a topic if you like, and click "Apply". Select any service articles you want to include in this section, and then click "Select services".

You can only include service articles here, it's not possible to include pages of any other page type. Please select at least three service articles for each section.

To add a new section, just click on "Add Services article section".

Once your index page is ready, click "Save". You can publish your page by clicking on "Publish" on the top right hand side.

Don't forget to translate your index page!

Translations: all language versions in one place

Instructions on how to translate your content.

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