Shaping a sustainable future

Aalto’s future is built upon a foundation of high-quality research, education, impact and shared values: responsibility, courage and collaboration. We have adopted a living strategy tailored for a world in motion. Our purpose, values, and way of working define our long-term direction. We choose development areas and actions that best drive us towards our purpose. As a community, we proactively and continuously re-evaluate these choices. 

A bridge by the sea, image shot from the air in the evening. Photo by Aalto University / Aleksi Poutanen

Our purpose, values and way of working

Our long-term direction is defined by our purpose of shaping a sustainable future, our three values of responsibility, courage and collaboration, and our way of working. 

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Areas of development

Our purpose is to shape a sustainable future. We have selected specific areas of development that best drive us towards our purpose. 

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Research: Driving excellence 

We create world-class clusters of excellence and bring complementary talent together.

Our strategy
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Education: Future-led learning

We take greater societal responsibility in degree education and continuous learning with elevated student experience.

Our strategy

Impact: Inspiring ecosystem

As a community of faculty, staff, students, alumni and partners, we build an internationally prominent ecosystem.

Our strategy

Our three cross-cutting approaches

We have chosen three cross-cutting approaches in our living strategy. We apply sustainability, creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset in all of our actions.

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Solutions for sustainability

We help solve grand challenges in and across our key areas.

Our strategy
Radical creativity visual by Veera Krouglov

Radical creativity

We build an outstanding creative community for new thinking.

Our strategy
Entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurial mindset

We foster an inspiring entrepreneurial culture.

Our strategy

Enabling our Success

Student wearing a lab coat, photo by Unto Rautio

Enabling our success

To enable our success, we invest in our community & people, infrastructures & campus and services & resources.

Our strategy

A living strategy for a world in motion

In our living strategy approach, our purpose, values, and way of working define our long-term direction while our choices are proactively and continuously re-evaluated.

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Strategy materials

Here you can find the digital brochure, videos and presentation materials related to our strategy. The new living strategy will come into effect on 1 January 2021.

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Sustainable solutions, radical creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset are reflected in everything that we do.
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Contact us

Our strategy work is coordinated by Raili Pönni, Head of Planning and Leadership Support, Antti Saaristo, Senior Advisor and Marja Niemi, Development Manager.

For any questions regarding the strategy, please contact: [email protected]

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