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On this Aalto Handbook you can find information on our university’s shared way of managing and organising activities — research and art, education, impact, and enablers — in a uniform way that meets the high standards of excellence. With its numerous references and links to the more detailed guidelines, rules and process descriptions found on our websites, the handbook is a good practical guide for everyday work, and as such, also serves as orientation material for new students and employees. 

You can browse through a Handbook via links below or through the navigation on top of the page. When the page has a Aalto Handbook tag on top, you are viewing Aalto Handbook content. There are numerous links to other more detailed webpages in aalto.fi. You will notice leaving Aalto Handbook content when the link box no longer has Aalto Handbook tag.

Continuous improvement is in the core of quality assurance and you are warmly welcomed to give feedback on the Handbook itself and to participate in developing our operations. Wishing you happy reading moments!

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Topical issues in quality assurance

Aalto University campus

Quality system audit 2022

According to the University Act, Finnish universities shall regularly participate in the evaluation of their activities and quality systems. Aalto University's quality system was last audited in January 2016, and the next system audit will be in January 2023.

Aalto Handbook
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