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Easy steps on how to create a news article on


Click on "Content" in the upper left-hand corner and select from the drop-down menu "Add content" and  "News". Then, select the publicity for your piece of news. Is it public for everyone or only meant for the Aalto community?

See images below. / publishing news article
Screenshot on how to select internal or external for news and events.
Select, whether the piece of news is internal or externl.

Basic information*

  • Language: choose the primary language (editing language) for the news article (English / Finnish / Swedish)
  • Title: Give a headline for the news article. Start with the most important keywords and summarize the content, since many of the links are shared nowadays online without reading the actual writing.
  • Summary*: write a short introduction about the news article (this will be shown when the news article is lifted up somewhere across the site). Summary should complement the headline – tell the most important points in the beginning. Avoid jargon and difficult terminology.
  • Main image: add an appealing main image for the news article (don't use a picture that includes text e.g. infographic as a main image). Choose a picture that supports the news article content.

How to get the best possible reach to your news article?


Relates to

  • By using “Relates to” you will make sure your news article appears in the right places across This is the most important field to use when publishing news articles. Without selecting the correct hubs and/or research groups, your news article will not get the best possible reach throughout the communications platform.
  • Select either a hub and/or a research group page, where you think the news article should be shown. You can choose as many you like, but remember to think about the site visitors – who are they, are they interested in this topic?

Find out more about content tagging from here.

Categorising content

The following fields help in the future to categorise news articles for a better reach:


  • Categories enable end users filtering the news articles. Think of them as primary tags.

Primary tags

  • Primary tag is a top level tag, a key word to describe the news article's content
  • Choose the ones that best describe your content, the recommended number is 1-3 
  • Primary tags are a relatively short list of key themes in Aalto. Governance of primary tags is done by Communications

Secondary tags

  • Secondary tags are for more detailed tags, keywors to describe the news article
  • Choose the ones that best describe your content. Choose a maximum of 5 tags.
  • At this point we have around 1000 secondary tags in Drupal
  • The library of secondary tags is governed by Communications for now. If you have suggestions for relevant secondary tags, contact [email protected]


  • You can use various components for creating news articles
  • Begin with "Lead text" component – it's your news article's introduction on the article page: an introduction to complement the headline, the most important news in the beginning and the necessary background information towards the end. Avoid jargon and difficult terminology, explain if needed.
  • Then choose "Text paragraph" component to write the actual news article
  • Please remember to use “Horizontal Divider between body text (text paragraph) and boilerplate especially in press releases. Take a look at this news article example.


Enter a date. The time part is optional. The default time is 00:00:00. Leave the date blank if you do not want to schedule. / scheduling new article


Finally, remember to tick the box "Published" and publish/save the news article by clicking on "Save".

You want to create a listing of the latest news articles? 

Check the guidelines: How to create an automatic news or events article liftup?

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