Video tutorials: tutorials on one page. Learn, e.g. how to create an article, event, how to utilise tagging, and what are liftups.

Note that some elements in some video tutorials may be out of date, as new features have been added and the look of the site has changed. They are still useful for learning the basics, and you can find links to more detailed written instructions on the page as well.

New site structure:

Content tagging:

Written instructions

Create an article page:

Written instructions

Create an event page:

Written instructions

Personnel profiles:

Written instructions

Need other Drupal instructions?

Student at laptop. Photo by Aalto University / Aino Huovio page types

Want to learn more about a specific page type at

Drupal: website

Components: how to create content for

Get to know the components for creating versatility and visuality when delivering your content.

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