Doctoral education

Your hub for doctoral education

Doctoral student, supervising professor and thesis advisor: this is your hub for doctoral education. The information sources collected on this hub related to doctoral theses, doctoral programmes, public defences and management of doctoral edudation, to name a few, are also useful for our applicants and stakeholders.

The main information resources for our doctoral students are the three-page Doctoral student study guide and the student study guide pages of each Doctoral programme.


Being a supervising professor or thesis advisor at Aalto University

Information on guiding doctoral students, admissions, faculty's responsibilities related to pre-examination and doctoral education guidelines, among other things.

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Our doctoral studies

Our doctoral students pursue the degrees of

Doctor of Arts (Art and Design)
Doctor of Science (Architecture)
Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
Doctor of Science (Technology)

The target study time is four years of full-time studies.

Doctoral curriculum (

How to apply for doctoral studies?

Doctoral thesis at Aalto University

Resources and guidelines for doctoral students and information on doctoral theses at Aalto University.

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Next public defences at Aalto University

Public defences

Dissertation in the field of mechanical engineering M.Sc. (Tech) Jan Akmal

Dissertation in the field of mechanical engineering M.Sc. (Tech.) Jan Akmal
Väitöskirjan tekijän nimi, työn otsikko sekä kuva Alpo Aaltokoski Companyn Pyörteitä-teoksesta, neljä tanssijaa Marja Uusitalon suunnittelemissa puvuissa (2011).
Public defences

Defence of doctoral thesis in the field of Scenography and Costume Design, MA Tua Helve

Costume design practices and creative allyship in contemporary dance
Public defences

Public defence in Industrial Electronics and Electric Drives, M.Sc. Arbër Haxhiu

The title of the thesis is The Variable DC Approach for Improved Powertrain Energy Efficiency in Fuel Cell-Fed Marine Vessels
Kuva tutkimuslaitteesta järvelllä
Public defences

Public defence in geoinformatics, M.Sc. (Tech.) Timo Saari

The title of the doctoral thesis: Investigations of geoid models in Finland – Towards GNSS-related height system

Management of doctoral education at Aalto University

Aalto University Doctoral Education Working Group develops the university’s doctoral education, discusses the mutual issues on doctoral education and prepares the university guidelines.

Doctoral Education Working Group (DEWG) (

Aalto University's organisation and governance model (

Support services

Doctoral students are supported by their supervising professor, thesis advisor(s) and various support services, especially the Doctoral education services, who maintain this Doctoral education hub. Employed doctoral researchers are also supported by the HR services.


Doctoral education services

Doctoral education services support doctoral students, supervising professors, thesis advisors and doctoral programme directors in matters related to doctoral studies. Doctoral education services belong to Learning Services.


Support for challenges during your doctoral studies

Doctoral students can encounter different kind of challenging situations during their studies. This page presents the support network of doctoral students and instructions for how to proceed if doctoral students experience any type of harrasment, bullying or misconduct, or have issues with supervision.

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Human Resource (HR) services contact details

Contact details to Human Resources (HR) services for Joint University services as well as for HR units at Schools and Departments.

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