Doctoral education

Find doctoral student study guides, supervision instructions, doctoral programmes, support for wellbeing, current news and events and more! 

This hub is for all doctoral students, supervising professors and thesis advisors, as well as applicants and others interested in doctoral education at Aalto University.



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CV, Cover Letter and Skills seminar 4 Dec, 2023

Aalto University together with Daniel Valtakari from Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland, TEK is giving an opportunity to discuss how to successfully apply for a job. Daniel will provide you useful tips on how to improve your CV and cover letters and how to understand your skills in order to perform better in job interviews.

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Aalto Doctoral Orientation Days

Key information for the first year of doctoral studies - and later!

Doctoral education
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Supervision of doctoral studies

Supervision plan, roles and responsibilities, changes of supervision arrangements, research fields and supervising professors at Aalto University, other information and instructions

Doctoral education
Aalto-yliopisto / tohtoreiden hatut

Our doctoral studies

Our doctoral students pursue the degrees of

Doctor of Arts (Art and Design)
Doctor of Science (Architecture)
Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
Doctor of Science (Technology)

The target study time is four years of full-time studies.

Doctoral curricula (

How to apply for doctoral studies?

News and events for doctoral students and faculty

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For Aalto community Research & Art Published:

More than 200 journals will be downgraded to level 0 in the Publication Forum from the beginning of 2024

Downgraded journals are published by more than 160 publishers. During the spring 2024, the panels of the Publication Forum will review the journals of MDPI, Frontiers and Hindawi. The journals should not be evaluated solely by the publisher, but consideration should be given to the choice of the publication channel.
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Competetive funding to enhance doctoral education in Finland 2024-2027

In the years 2024–2027, the Ministry of Education and Culture will finance a doctoral education pilot. The call opens on the 15th November and closes on the 29th November. Aalto has an internal procedure for the applications.
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University Published:

Leonardo Fierro: Sharing experiences for a better doctoral student life

'Now I’m less fearful of failing. I know how to put things into perspective. It was a good lesson to learn that failing is part of the process of succeeding.'
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Studies Published:

Call for doctoral student representatives 2024 (Doctoral Programme Committees and Doctoral Education Working Group)

Student representatives speak for doctoral students in Doctoral Programme Committees and Aalto University's Doctoral Education Working Group (DEWG)
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For Aalto community Information sessions, Staff trainings, IT & digital tools, Training to support research

SCI ACRIS online drop-in session, 1.12.2023

Join online drop-in session hosted by the Open Science and ACRIS team.
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Information sessions, Students

Workshop on writing article thesis summary

Support for doctoral students writing their article thesis summary
Student Guide, tapahtumakuva

For thesis-writing: Theses & Tomatoes on Mondays

Online co-writing event for thesis writing
ARTS ACRIS intro & clinic
For Aalto community Information sessions, Staff trainings, IT & digital tools, Training to support research

ARTS ACRIS introduction & clinic, 4.12.2023

This session will show you how to update your ACRIS profile and showcase your publications. There will be a chance to ask questions at the end.

Next public defences at Aalto University

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Public defences

Public defence in Automation and Control Engineering, M.Sc. Elham Abolfazli Langeroudi

Driving Toward a Smoother Future: Vehicle Platooning for Better Traffic
A side-view of a metasurface, which is illuminated by two input sources (one at each side of the metasurface, represented by inward arrows). The metasurface properties will produce output waves (represented as output arrows), which intensity and propagation direction are determined by the intensity and angle of incidence of the output waves, and the properties of the metasurface.
Public defences

Public defence in Radio Engineering, M.Sc. Francisco Cuesta Soto

Theory and applications of coherently-illuminated metasurfaces (title of the thesis)
Public defences

Public defence in Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech), B.Arch. Oya Duman

The title of the doctoral thesis: "Understanding the interplay of contextual factors affecting the integration of land use and transport planning - The Case of MAL 2019 planning process in Helsinki Metropolitan Region, Finland"
Doctoral hat floating above a speaker's podium with a microphone
Public defences

Public defence in Bioproduct technology, M.Sc.(Tech.) Karl Alexander Henn

Scalable Surface Chemistry for Lignin Modification - Creating Value for a Forest-Based Society (title of the thesis)

Management of doctoral education at Aalto University

Doctoral education is lead at the School level by the Director of the doctoral programme and the Doctoral programme Committee (DPC). At the University level the Aalto University Doctoral Education Working Group (DEWG) develops doctoral education, discusses mutual issues and prepares university level guidelines on doctoral education.

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Doctoral student forms

Doctoral education services' forms for doctoral students.

Doctoral education

Doctoral education services

We support doctoral students, supervising professors, thesis advisors and doctoral programme directors in matters related to doctoral studies.

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