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Who are we?

Our research focuses on materials physics, quantum technology, soft and living matter, and advanced energy solutions. Topics extend from fundamental research to important applications. Department of Applied Physics educates future generations of research and development professionals, data specialists, technology experts, inventors, and scientists for industry and society.

The department hosts the Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence Quantum Technology Finland (QTF, 2018-2025) and Life Inspired Hybrid Materials (LIBER, 2022-2029). Further quantum technologies are facilitated by the national quantum institute – InstituteQ, coordinated by Aalto University since 2021.

The department is a major user of the national research infrastructure OtaNano that provides fabrication, characterisation and measurement equipment and facilities for students, scientists and high-tech businesses. The Nanomicroscopy Center and the Low Temperature Laboratory of OtaNano are critical assets for our researchers. We extensively utilise and contribute to the development of the national and international cloud and supercomputing resources and databases.

Top news

Two hexagonal arrays of prisms with a blue lattice inbetween.
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New quantum entangled material could pave way for ultrathin quantum technologies

Researchers reveal the microscopic nature of the quantum entangled state of a new monolayer van der Waals material
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"It is a privilege to have this much freedom of choice” – master's programme opened up top-notch research opportunities and career paths from electronics to machine learning

Appealing opportunities for interesting summer jobs and the prospect of conducting a thesis in a preferred subject drew Evren Korkmazgil to enroll in the Engineering Physics master's programme at Aalto University.
A man in a white lab coat with blue gloves holds up a vial of clear liquid while standing in front of a large microscope.
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Medical innovation makes early cancer diagnostics cheaper, faster, easier

Aalto University researcher makes two-pronged improvement on microbubble technology
A man holding two small foam boards stands in a lab room.
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Research project turns waste into sound-absorbing solutions with biodegradable foam

Team plans expansion while adhering to circular economy principles
Liukas pinta
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Researchers create the most water-repellent surface ever

Revised method to create hydrophobic surfaces has implications for any technology where water meets a solid surface, from optics and microfluidics to cooking
Assistant Professor Matilda Backholm looks at shrimp via a screen connected to a microscope.
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Tiny organisms, big discoveries: How swarming shrimp could influence a new wave of ‘mesorobotics’

Aalto researcher aims to understand the complex movement of brine shrimp—a gateway to physics on an unfamiliar scale

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Logo of the PHYS Diversity Team in Aalto colours

Department of Applied Physics Diversity Team

The Diversity Team of the Department of Applied Physics aims to build an inclusive, diverse and welcoming work environment

Department of Applied Physics
Life at the campus.

Careers at Aalto

Aalto University is where science and art meet technology and business. We are an international community of 20,000 bold thinkers who shape a sustainable future with education, research breakthroughs and innovative ideas and solutions. Join us in changing the world – we have many attractive career opportunities to offer.


The goal at InstituteQ is to improve the readiness of Finland for the disruptive potential quantum technologies will have for society and the economy at large. By 2026, novel educational programs, growing quantum industry and eminent research directions are expected to be in full motion. The efforts of InstituteQ facilitate fundamental scientific findings, the adoption of novel technologies and the development of new commercial opportunities. The aim is to carry, implement and mutually benefit front line education, research, innovations, and infrastructures.

White InstituteQ logo on dark background

InstituteQ - The Finnish Quantum Institute (external link)

InstituteQ coordinates quantum research, education, and business in Finland

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Quantum Technology Finland – The National Centre of Excellence (external link)

The national Quantum Technology Finland (QTF) Centre of Excellence brings together scientific and technological excellence and cutting-edge research infrastructures to harness quantum phenomena in solid-state-based quantum devices and applications.

A map of Finland sits on top of an artistic illustration of small-scale circuits.

Aalto University to coordinate Finnish quantum initiatives in latest national flagship programme

The flagship unites dozens of research institutions, companies, and startups in new collaborative front

A detail of Aalto University Otanano infrastructure, image by Mikko Raskinen


Aalto University Väre Building
Information sessions

To build or not to build? Live session with Professor Matti Kuittinen (external link)

In this live session, we will sit down to chat with Professor Matti Kuittinen from Aalto University to discuss the topic of sustainable building.
Ask a Data Agent Weekly RDM Support Hour 1 - 2 PM on Zoom
For Aalto community Support for teams, Training to support research

Aalto Data Agents weekly zoom support hour

A weekly zoom room to come and ask us anything about research data and open science: data management, data storage, data analysis, data sharing, reproducibility, responsible conduct of research, data privacy, ethics.
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Information sessions, Students

Preparing for your future career after doctoral studies

Information for doctoral students about preparing for their future career
Dean's awards 2023
For Aalto community Networking

School of Engineering Awards Gala 2023

Finnish Independence Day decorations and Dean's Awards for 2023 will be presented at the event.

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