Aalto University

is where people who think differently bring the best out of each other. A place where imagination and theory meet practice and reality. A community to solve challenges most consider impossible.

Aalto was created with a mission to lead a way for a nation. To unite a diverse set of people through science, arts, technology and business. To create a better world by bringing quantum engineers, urban economists and fashion designers to collide and to elevate each other.

Our way is to accelerate curiosity and responsibility towards solving the biggest challenges in the world. For this task we offer an academic environment that reimagines the way a university operates.

We are inspirited through the radical creativity of our students and the entrepreneurial mindset of our community. We drive fundamental research and fuel sustainable growth. Make theories become solutions and prototypes become breakthroughs.

Our differences are the gravity that pulls us together and the chemistry that sparks us to action. Together we build beyond the status quo and always find a way forward.

Campus - a lively community


Aalto University's campus in Otaniemi is the home of an innovative community.

Explore the campus virtually at virtualtour.aalto.fi.

School of business students sitting in front of the campus and laughing

Campus maps, addresses and opening hours in Otaniemi

Here you will also find restaurants, the map, the Aalto Space mobile app, access control - all practical information on one page! You can also visit the campus virtually.

Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio
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Aalto as an employer

We are an international community, working on top research, art and education. Join us in changing the world!

Open positions

Careers at Aalto University

For international personnel

Tenure track career system

Strategy and values


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Campus for people, plants and pollinators

The Otaniemi campus nature is managed with respect to biodiversity and the characteristic species of habitats.
Rehtori Ilkka Niemelä katse kameraan suunnattuna, kuvattuna Dipolissa
For Aalto community University Published:

President's summer letter to Aaltonians: The quality and impact of our activities has been widely acknowledged

'We have achieved a tremendous amount together this academic year. I want to warmly thank each and every one of you for the work you’ve done,' says President Ilkka Niemelä.
Aalto University researchers at work in the laboratory
For Aalto community Research & Art Published:

Four tips for more responsible assessment of research and researchers

At Aalto University, we are committed to improving further our practices related to responsible research and researcher assessment. Our goal is to recognize the diverse outputs, practices, and activities that maximize the quality and impact of research. Aalto University is a member of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment, CoARA. The four core principles of CoARA guide the more responsible assessment of research and researchers, and they will also be followed at Aalto in the future.
Kandidaattikeskus amphi Kuva: Tuomas Uusheimo / Aalto-yliopisto
University Published:

New book tells the story of the birth of Aalto University

"Aalto. The birth of the University" outlines the extraordinary administrative-political-social process that led to the formation of Aalto University.

Key figures and Aalto Handbook

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Key figures of 2023 and annual reports

On this page we present key figures of 2023 and the Annual Board Report and Financial Statements.

Aalto University
A logo. Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Aalto Handbook

Here you will find information regarding Aalto University’s organisation, various operators, management processes, operational principles and the guiding rules and policies of our operations.

Oppimiskeskus alakerta


The Aalto University Board decides on the strategy, operation and financial issues and is responsible for any far-reaching plans.

Aalto University
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The executive bodies of the university are the Board (AUFB), the President, and the University Academic Affairs Committee (AAC). The President's Management Team (PMT) coordinates the daily work at the university and the preparation of pre-decision motions. The Aalto Management Team (AMT) furthers transparency and open dialogue in decision-making regarding university development.

Aalto University
Aalto University's Learning Centre / Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo


Aalto University is a foundation-based university and has six schools.

Aalto Handbook

Schools, departments and units

Scientific research, artistic activities and teaching are carried out at Aalto's six schools and their departments and units.

Aalto University
Students of architecture.


On 1 January 2010, the Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Art and Design Helsinki merged and Aalto University started operating.

Aalto University
Dipoli / Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo

Otaniemi campus to develop into a lively neighbourhood

The university's campus is in Otaniemi, home of the lively community that supports innovations. The goal of the campus development is to mix valuable history and new ways of planning.



Lectures and seminars

Department of Computer Science: MSc Thesis Presentation

Jere Hirviniemi and Oskari Järvinen will present their MSc theses on Wednesday 24 July at 14:15 in A211, CS building.
Image showing silica sand
Public defences

Public defence in Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. Nurul Anwar

Inorganic foundry binders for sustainable sand molding (Title of the Thesis)
Students walking on the Aalto campus in the spring. Photo by Aalto University

A! Walk

Our upcoming walks invite you to explore the interwoven natural, human and environmental aspects of the campus.
A concept picture of an augmented reality telepresence call
Public defences

Public defence in Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, M.Sc. Nils Meyer-Kahlen

Research about auditory rendering for augmented reality telepresence systems and their perceptual evaluation.


Aalto University performs well in international university rankings. In subject-specific rankings, we place 8th globally in art & design and are in the top 100 in several other subjects. We have gathered information on our performance in the best-known university rankings on this page.

Read more about rankings
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Our strategy

Aalto University's future is built upon a foundation of high-quality research, education, impact and shared values – responsibility, courage, and collaboration. The purpose of the university is to shape a sustainable future.

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Endowment and investment strategy
Kaksi henkilöä kampuksella.

Code of Conduct - Values into practice

The Aalto University Code of Conduct is one way of putting our values and way of working — the foundation of our community culture — into practice

Aalto University
A student taking a book from a shelf in Aalto University's library.


Aalto-University's purpose is to shape a sustainable future. At Aalto, we create solutions that enable well-being within the planetary boundaries.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion at Aalto

We build a diverse and inclusive community where all students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders can feel a sense of belonging and fulfill their professional, educational, and social aspirations

War in Ukraine

Ukraine war

On this page, we will gather information on how Russia's invasion of Ukraine affects Aalto University’s operations.

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