Boost for business from collaboration

Research collaboration strengthens expertise and business development. New product and service ideas are created in study projects. Our campus offers an inspiring operating and networking environment. At Aalto's recruitment events, companies meet the top talents of the future.

Students walking and working in the basement floor of the Harald Herlin Learning center / photo by Aalto University, Aino Huovio

The most significant benefit of our collaboration with Aalto University is the expertise it provides us.

Matti Kauhanen, Business Unit Technology Manager, ABB Oy Drives and Controls

President Ilkka Niemelä: ‘We make an impact in society together with our partners’

At best, collaboration between Aalto University and corporates brings about solutions with a great impact on society. Collaboration leads to change toward a more sustainable world, develops new skills and knowledge, and creates jobs.

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Rehtori Ilkka Niemelä katse kameraan suunnattuna, kuvattuna Dipolissa

Strategic partnership is a long-term commitment

We create impact together with our corporate partners. By combining the latest knowledge with leading industrial expertise, we develop sustainable solutions and educate future talents for business.

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SemiSummer2023 Kampanja banneri
Cooperation, Research & Art Published:

Semiconductor sector summer jobs open in research groups

The growth of the semiconductor sector and its investments in Finland are also increasing the need for skilled personnel. Thanks to a donation from four semiconductor companies Picosun, an Applied Materials Company, Okmetic, Murata, and KYOCERA Tikitin. Aalto University will offer exciting summer jobs in the School of Electrical Engineering and the School of Chemical Engineering in the summer of 2023. Semi-Summer 2023 Programme will provide an opportunity to gain the skills needed in a growing and international field.
 Tutkimustyössä hyödynnetään Aalto-yliopiston radiokaiutonta huonetta Otaniemessä. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio
Cooperation, Research & Art Published:

New doctoral programme focuses on the energy efficiency of radio waves

Nokia's donation to Aalto University will support research into new mobile communications systems, and particularly hardware development.
Räätälöity projekti Hiltille, työryhmä
Cooperation, Studies Published:
Kemian tekniikan tutkija / Chemical engineering researcher
Cooperation Published:

From processing metals to recycling batteries - Aalto University and Boliden work together to strengthen top expertise in metallurgy

Competence in metallurgy is needed as the energy transition increases the demand for metals, and the reuse of materials requires new competence.

What can we do together?

We offer companies opportunities for collaboration in all areas of Aalto's operations, as well as possibilities for networking with researchers, teachers and our active student community. The collaboration can start with even a small project, and grow into a long-term strategic partnership. We encourage also the SMEs to become involved!

Welcome to collaborate with us!

Collaboration with Aalto University offers companies a vantage point for the latest research and opportunities to develop competitiveness, as well as an extensive network of experts. Collaboration also helps us ensure that our teaching and research respond to the changing needs of business. Together, we will build an even better, more sustainable and more competitive Finland.

    Uusinta tietoa ja innovaatioita

    Research knowledge and new innovations

    The cooperation supports the company's innovation activities and business development.

    Tulevaisuuden osaajia

    Future talents

    The cooperation facilitates the discovery of future experts and offers diverse opportunities for staff development.

    Verkostoja ja uusia resursseja

    Networks and special resources


    The collaboration opens access to our research infrastructure and our extensive national and international network.

    Kandidaattikeskus, opiskelijoita luentosalissa

    Support for university development

    The collaboration helps us at Aalto to develop research and education to meet the changing needs of business. It improves the quality and effectiveness of our operations as well as our access to finance.

    Corporate Relations team

     Outi Toijala

    Outi Toijala

    Head of Corporate Relations
    Ida Andersson

    Ida Andersson

    Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Electrical Engineering
    Susanna Jaarmo

    Susanna Jaarmo

    Corporate Relations Manager, School of Science
    Terhi Kajaste

    Terhi Kajaste

    Manager, Corporate Relations, Artificial Intelligence, FCAI
    Anne Kosola

    Anne Kosola

    Manager, Corporate Relations, Partnership Development
    Elli Käpylä

    Elli Käpylä

    Corporate Relations Manager, FinnCERES and Bioinnovation Center
    Heikki Lahtinen

    Heikki Lahtinen

    Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Engineering
    Pirita Posti

    Pirita Posti

    Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Arts, Design and Architecture

    Jussi Rantsi

    Annemari Rautio

    Annemari Rautio

    Senior Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Business
    Petri Silenius

    Petri Silenius

    Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Chemical Engineering
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    Alusta pavilion

    Alusta pavilion – Environmentally conscious architecture

    Alusta pavilion - a place for encounters between humans and non-human animals in urban space.


    The 20x4Twist exhibition and research project explores the relationship between flexible plywood material, architectural geometry, structural behavior, and aesthetics.
    Keltainen Aalto-kynä, kuvituskuva
    Public defences

    Public defence in land management, M.Sc. Oluwafemi Adekola

    The title of the doctoral thesis is: Understanding Land Management Institutional Arrangements to promote sustainable use of land and its resources in Sub-Saharan Africa
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