Celebrating our 10th birthday

In ten years, Aalto University has brought together science, art, technology and business and created a world-class centre of expertise.

An aerial view of the Aalto University campus at sunset/ Photo by Mika Huisman


Halldorophone-soittimessa on puupintaa ja pyöreitä muotoja kuten sellossa, mutta siinä on myös paljon elektroniikkaa.
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This strange instrument from Joker soundtrack was invented in Finland

There are only five of them in the world. And one of them can be heard throughout the movie that just won the Oscar for Original score. This rare device is the electro-acoustic halldorophone, and its story can be traced back to Finland and to the workshops of the University of Art and Design Helsinki.
Wood Wonders: Kokoon house scale model. Photo: Anne Kinnunen
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Building with wood is a climate-friendly option – the Wood Wonders exhibition provides five interesting viewpoints on construction

Forest wood used in buildings can bind carbon for centuries. Wood is a strong and versatile building material that improves indoor air quality, reduces the need for heating and air conditioning – and provides pleasure.
Testing guitar signals at the Aalto Acoustics Lab
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Deep learning can fool listeners by imitating any guitar amplifier

A study from the Aalto Acoustics Lab demonstrates that digital simulations of guitar amplifiers can sound just like the real thing. The implications are that as the software models continue to improve, they can replace traditional analogue guitar amplifiers, which are bulky, fragile and expensive.
kuva Aalto Alumni Board 2020
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Five new members to join the Aalto University alumni network board

On 7 February 2020, Tuula Antola, Isabella Haas, Mikko J. Salminen, Kaisa Vikkula and Antti Ylimutka joined the Aalto University alumni network board. Kaj Hagros (chair) and Ilkka Hiirsalmi continue on the board. This year, the goal is to launch interdisciplinary alumni activities and involve more international alumni.

Photo: Koite Health.
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New high-tech mouthwash uses light to kill harmful bacteria on teeth

The new method developed by Finnish researchers is based on dual-light photodynamic therapy. The method doesn’t interfere with friendly bacteria in the mouth, or cause bacterial resistance
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AllWell? - We care!

Annual study well-being questionnaire is open 5.-19.2.2020.

Find articles related to climate change

Kiertotalouslaboratorio, Ted Nuorivaara
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A joint laboratory of circular economy was opened in Otaniemi

The Geological Survey of Finland, VTT and Aalto University work together with industry to develop solutions for the needs of a carbon-neutral and resource-efficient society.
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Ravunkuorista ja merilevästä tehtyä lankaa
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Crab-shell and seaweed compounds spin into yarns for sustainable and functional materials

Biobased fibres are made from two renewable marine resources and with promise in advanced applications, in wovens and medical materials, among others. The threads draw strength from the crab chitin component and flexibility from seaweed alginate.
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Feeding the world without wrecking the planet is possible

Almost half of current food production is harmful to our planet – causing biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation and water stress. But as world population continues to grow, can that last?

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Aalto University Junior workshops in Oodi

We organise multidisciplinary workshops for all ages on 19.-21.2. No prior knowledge or skills required, welcome all!
Teaching Hub
For Aalto community (recurring)

Teaching Hub: Welcome to ask about MyCourses and other digital teaching tools on Wednesdays at 12-15!

Hey teacher! Welcome to Teaching Hub to ask about Aalto digital tools for teaching! Our experts present are ready to help you with technical or pedagogical issues related to MyCourses and other digital tools from basics to the most advanced. Drop in during call time for advice or help; no need to register! We also give short demonstrations.
Exhibitions and fairs

UNFOLD artist meeting

Welcome to meet the artists of the UNFOLD -exhibition!
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Department of Computer Science: MSc Thesis Presentations

Janina Niiranen and Matias Ristimäki will present their MSc theses on Thursday 20 February at 14:00-15:00 in room A346, CS building

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Kuva puhelimesta kädessä. Kuvaaaja Aalto-yliopisto/ Aleksi Poutanen
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Right now: email phishing and phone call scam campaigns ongoing at Aalto University

Email phishing and phone call scam campaigns ongoing at Aalto University
Lakinlaskijaiset 50 luvulla Timo Siukosaari
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The joys and responsibilities of student life - Share your story

We warmly invite Aalto University Alumni to share stories from their student days as part of an Aalto 10 exhibition in Dipoli Gallery 27.8. - 30.9.2020.
Book and a pen, photo by Aino Huovio
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Wiley open access deal has been signed

The new agreement with Wiley enables Aalto affiliated corresponding authors to publish open access articles free of charge in Wiley’s journals during the agreement period 17 Feb 2020 - 31 Dec 2022.
Time to level up slogan on top of a male character with animated icons in the background
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#timetolevelup creates a community to support your work and studies

Take your work and studies at Aalto to the next level and you can start by putting Microsoft Teams to full use.
Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

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