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Hero video for hub landing pages

Get to know the specifics of this new component.
A still image of the new her video, showing the Otaniemi campus from above

The hero video can be used on hubs in order to better market the content in an animated way. The duration of hero videos is up to 5 seconds and a short text overlay can be added (in black or white colour). A placeholder image has to be added to the component since it will show once the video ends. It will also show on mobile devices instead of the video.

Text specifications:

  • Content limited to 30 characters
  • Avoid using words longer than 12 characters

Video specifications:

  • The length of the video cannot exceed 5 seconds
  • Resolution: 1920x640px
  • Minimum amount of transitions and movements
  • Avoid flashing effects
  • The smaller the file size, the better

Placeholder image specifications:

  • It will be rendered before the video is loaded, and (possibly) after the video has ended
  • Same resolution as the video: 1920x640px
  • Suggested focal point is the centre of the image
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