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Aalto University performs well in international university rankings. In subject-specific rankings, we place 8th globally in art & design and are in the top 100 in several other subjects.

We have gathered information on our performance in the best-known university rankings on this page.
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A university of high international standing

Aalto University shapes a sustainable future. We are a highly international community with a strong academic standing. We place 53rd in the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking list of most international universities in the world.

The university has improved markedly in rankings specific to our fields: technology, business, and art & design. Our best ranking result is in the field of art & design, where we rank 8th globally according to QS.

Other subject-specific rankings are listed in the tables below.

Depending on how the figure is calculated, there are 17 000–22 000 universities in the world, of which approximately 1 000 are in Europe, around 70 in the Nordic countries, and 14 in Finland.

Different ranking lists use different indicators to compare universities. Most rankings evaluate research publications - their quantity and, for example, how many times they are cited. The criteria may also include external funding, an international dimension, or the university's reputation among researchers and employers. Usually, the overall score of a university is determined by combining its score on different indicators.

General rankings are comparisons which take a holistic view to evaluating universities. Aalto University has scored well in a general comparison focusing on universities less than 50 years old and listings measuring e.g. internationalisation or corporate collaboration.

Subject-specific rankings relevant to Aalto

Some rankings are specific to a single subject or field, and these are more relevant to a university such as Aalto University which specialises in three fields. Different disciplines have different publishing practices, and comparisons which focus on a specific field enable universities to be assessed on equal terms.

Organisations that produce rankings also create special lists which take into account only one indicator or criterion, such as an international dimension, business cooperation or external financing.

Ranking news

Luku 21 visualisoituna
University Published:

Aalto leaps up global ranking of young universities

The Times Higher Education ranking lists the world’s best new universities – those 50 years old or younger
Infographics of the result
University Published:

Aalto’s art & design ranks in the top 10 globally

Aalto University also ranked in the top 100 in five other subjects in the prestigious QS ranking
Number 17 highlighted as infographics
University Published:

Aalto’s business administration and marine engineering rise to the top 20 globally

Aalto placed in the top 100 in eight subjects in the ShanghaiRanking
Infografics showing the number 84 in businessa and economics area
University Published:

Business & economics and computer science ranked in top 100 worldwide

The Times Higher Education ranking measures universities with different indicators, including international research and citations

Strong performance

We track our ranking in the most widely known and respected university comparisons. The tables below list Aalto's position in various field-specific rankings in technology, business and art, in certain specific rankings concerning university-industry collaboration and internatiolisation together with a ranking for young universities. These positions show the high esteem, quality and impact of our research and teaching 

The legend for the abbreviations used in the tables is at the bottom of the page.

Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
THE – Engineering 2024 1 5–6 26–32 101–125
NTU – Engineering 2023 1 5 20 247
QS – Engineering & Technology 2023 1 7 54 166
EngiRank 2023 1 2 (shared) 10 (shared) n/a
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
Financial Times – European Business Schools 2023 1 5 50 -
THE – Business & Economics 2024 1 3 29 84
NTU – Economics & Business 2023 1 2 33 123
Art and Design
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
QS – Art & Design 2023 1 1 3 6 (shared)
Young universities (under 50 years)
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
THE Young University Rankings 2023 1 3 23 40
Corporate collaboration
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
Leiden Ranking - Industry collaboration 2023 1 3 6 21
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
THE Most International Universities 2024 1 2 28 53

Key competence areas

The cornerstones of Aalto University research are four fundamental competence areas: ICT and digitalisation, materials and sustainable use of natural resources, global business dynamics, and arts and design.  Aalto University also focuses on three integrative multidisciplinary themes: advanced energy solutions, health and wellbeing, and human-centered living environments.

The rankings listed below are specific to these key areas.

ICT and digitalisation
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
Leiden Ranking – Mathematics and
Computer Science (number of top10% papers) 2023
1 5 18 134
NTU – Computer Science 2023 1 1 7 112
THE – Computer Science 2023 1 2 27 86
Shanghai Ranking – Telecommunications
Engineering 2023
3 3–5 9–15 51–75
Shanghai Ranking – Computer Science and
Engineering 2023
2 4–5 15–25 101–150
Materials and sustainable use of natural resources
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
QS – Materials Sciences 2023 1 4 25 80 (shared)
NTU – Chemical Engineering 2023 1 5 22 122
EngiRank – Chemical Engineering 2023 1 (shared) 2 (shared) 5 (shared) n/a
EngiRank – Materials Engineering 2023 1 3 (shared) 7 (shared) n/a
Art and design
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
QS – Art & Design 2023 1 1 3 6 (shared)
QS – Architecture / Built Environment 2023 1 3 17 48 
Global business dynamics
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
Shanghai Ranking – Management 2023 1 2 9-15 51-75
QS – Business and Management studies 2023 1 3 29 (shared) 76 (shared)
Financial Times – Executive Education (open) 2023* 2 5 38 59 (shared)
Financial Times – Executive Education (customised) 2023* 2 3 23 32
*Henley Business School (University of Reading) operates also in Finland and Denmark and is ranked above Aalto University.
Advanced energy solutions
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
QS – Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2023 1 6 34  (shared) 104  (shared)
NTU – Electrical Engineering 2023 1 3 14 128
EngiRank – Electrical & Information Engineering 2023 1 5 9  (shared) n/a
Human-centered living environments
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
QS –  Architecture / Built Environment 2023 1 3 17 48
Shanghai Ranking – Transportation Science and Technology 2023 1 4–6 18–32 101–150
Shanghai Ranking – Marine/Ocean Engineering 2023 1 2 5 19
EngiRank – Civil Engineering 2023 1 5 13 n/a
EngiRank – Environmental Engineering 2023 1 4 9 n/a
EngiRank – Mechanical Engineering 2023 1 4 7 (shared) n/a
Health and wellbeing
Ranking Finland Nordic countries Europe World
EngiRank – Medical Engineering 2023 1 3 7 (shared) n/a

More information about the selected rankings:

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