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Open University courses are open to everyone regardless of background or age. Open University offers individual courses in Business, Technology, Languages, and Art and Design. Students are admitted to individual courses in the order of registration.

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The Open University is offering studies without tuition fees for Ukrainian students (until 31 July 2023)

Information on the effects of coronavirus and COVID-19 on activities at Aalto University

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Quick guide for studying at the Open University
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Multifactor Authentication at Aalto Services

Students using Aalto services (such as Sisu or Mycourses) outside the Aalto network will no longer be able to log in to Sisu with just their Aalto user ID. In addition, they will have to authenticate themselves by a further authentication process using their smart phone.

Aalto University Open University

Studying at the Open University

How to study at the Open University

Read more about how to study at the Open University.

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Registration, payments and rules

Read our instructions on how to register for Open University courses, and about fees and rules.

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Aalto user ID, student information systems and student communication at the Open University

With your Aalto user ID you can log in to Aalto’s information systems and learning environments, and use the internal services of the university.

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Study places and access control

Welcome to Aalto Campus! Find information how to access study places on the campus.

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Exam instructions at the Open University

Everything you should know about exams at Aalto University Open University

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Results, certificates and transcripts of records

Find out where you can find the results of your Open University courses and exams and how you can order certificates and transcripts of records of your studies at the Open University.


Multifactor Authentication at Aalto Services

Students using Aalto services (such as Sisu or Mycourses) outside the Aalto network will no longer be able to log in to Sisu with just their Aalto user ID. In addition, they will have to authenticate themselves by a further authentication process using their smart phone.

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Individual study arrangements at the Open University

Open University students are entitled to receive reasonable, individual study arrangements due to an impairment restricting his/her ability to study or other health condition.

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Frequently asked questions

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Open University contact details

Click here for contact details for Open University services and personnel.

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Goals for studying

Studying Finnish language

Aalto University Open University offers Finnish language courses which are equivalent to the Finnish courses taught at Aalto University Language Centre.

Aalto University Open University Finnish course

Who can study at the Open University?

Open University exists for everyone.


Minor studies

At Aalto Open University you can complete minor studies

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Avoimen väylän opinnoilla kauppatieteen tutkinto-opiskelijaksi

Suorittamalla avoimen väylän kautta vähintään 60 opintopistettä erikseen määriteltyjä kauppatieteiden perusopintoja, voit hakea tutkinto-opiskelijaksi Aalto-yliopiston kauppakorkeakouluun.

Dipolin portaat Kalevan suuntaan

FITech Network University

Study courses organised by Finnish technical universities free of charge. Courses are aimed at all Finns and permanent residents of Finland.

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Open University studies for upper secondary students

Have you ever wondered about what it would be like to study at Aalto University or in a certain field represented at Aalto?

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Lifewide Learning (external link)

Select a solution that suits you, ranging from individual courses to programmes that are open for all.

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Open University course list

Get to know our course selection

See listing!
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Open Universities open up study opportunities for Ukrainian citizens

Finnish Open Universities offer free of charge study opportunities for Ukrainian citizens.

Read more
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Open University News

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Studies Published:

Learn business communication at Aalto Open University

Register for Mastering influence in business communication course by 9 January 2023 at 23.59.
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Campus Published:

Preparing for rolling blackouts at the Otaniemi campus

As a result of the global energy crisis, Finland is also preparing for regionally rotating power outages or rolling blackouts. Aalto University is not a national operator critical to the security of supply, so if there is a potential power shortage, there may also be rolling blackouts on the Otaniemi campus which can affect the teaching of open university courses.
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Studies Published:

Open university courses for spring 2023 have been published

Please check our course selection for more information!
Studies Published:

Changes on open university course search and course descriptions

Our course search is now working normally!

Study related news at Aalto University

Studies Published:

School of Chemical Engineering opens 24 summer jobs in research groups for 2023

We're looking for enthusiastic students to join our team for the summer. The ideal candidate is highly motivated and able to e.g. assist and carry out various lab tasks, run experiments and develop research skills. This is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in research projects, and work side-by-side with doctoral researchers and post docs.
International students at Aalto University
Studies Published:

Study German, Polish or enhance your intercultural skills with Unite! online courses

The partner universities of the Unite! Alliance offer selected courses for students in languages, communication and global competence.
Risto Siilasmaa. Kuva: WithSecure
Cooperation Published:

Risto Siilasmaa, an entrepreneur at heart, encourages students to make an impact

Aalto Alumnus Risto Siilasmaa spoke to students taking part in Aalto International Talent programme, encouraging them to make an impact in the world.
University Published:

Aalto University Summer School application period for summer 2023 opens

The curriculum for summer 2023 includes five undergraduate courses and three graduate courses aimed at a multidisciplinary and international audience.

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