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Sensual Mathematics Exhibition. Photo by Henri Vogt.

High-quality research. A unique combination of science, art, technology and business.

At Aalto University, we create the conditions needed for innovation, economic growth, employment and wellbeing. Our research focuses on seven key areas combining four core competences in the fields of ICT, materials, arts, design and business together with three grand challenges related to energy, living environment, and health.

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Biorefinery and fuels
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Renewable fuel made from biorefinery residues

Lignin-based automotive and aviation fuels are one step closer to market as a new EU-funded project aims to develop new production methods for lignin-based transport fuels.
Graphic showing 2 phases of the perovskite material CsPbI3
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Theoretical study elucidates deep surface structure of emerging perovskite material

Newly published work by doctoral candidate Azimatu Seidu (CEST group) reveals detailed electronic and atomistic structure of cesium lead triiodide (CsPbI3), an emerging perovskite material
Kaksi poikaa leikkimässä ilta-auringossa kaupungin viheralueella, jonka keskellä on pieni lampi ja sen ympärillä kiviasetelma.
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The potential of urban green spaces in climate change mitigation

Aalto University is involved in the CO-CARBON research project, which seeks ways to integrate the carbon sequestration of green spaces in urban planning and decision-making.
Researchers. Photo: Unto Rautio
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Key research areas

Two Aalto University students working at computers.

ICT and digitalisation

How the likes of AI and 5G networks are harnessed and developed affect the whole society, from education to medicine and economics.

Research & Art
Close-up on a pair of hands wearing white rubber gloves, holding a black plastic coaster.

Materials and sustainable use of natural resources

As climate change rattles the world, the wise use of resources becomes increasingly crucial. Dive into the recycling of metals, the creation of sustainable textile fibers as well as other possibilities in materials research.

Research & Art
In Tension 4 Photo by_ Eeva Suorlahti

Arts and design knowledge building

Art and creativity enable looking at the grand challenges of our time from a new perspective. Look past the imaginable and join us in changing the world in art and design knowledge building.

Research & Art
Wind farm by the water at sunset.

Global business dynamics

Phenomena like digitalisation and platform economy transform the means of how we work, live and handle money and property. Understand the future by understanding the dynamics of global economics.

Research & Art
Aalto University Showcases

Advanced energy solutions

The way energy is produced and consumed makes all the difference in the quest for a sustainable society. Contribute to a more responsible future in the field of advanced energy solutions.

Research & Art
Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Human-centred living environments

We aim at understanding how individuals experience their physical environment and what could be done to enhance this experience. Take part in designing better living environments for everyone.

Research & Art

Health and wellbeing

Different health hazards and diseases account for massive humane suffering and economic losses. Engage in health and wellbeing research and help us enable better and longer human lives.

Research & Art
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Excellence in research

We believe that impact and excellence in research are best achieved by collaboration – both between disciplines as well as universities. Get to know our recognitions, funding awards and projects.

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Olli Ikkala

Learning from nature

In his lab, Academy Professor Olli Ikkala is catching up with evolution’s lead in the manufacture of materials. The results of his work may be of crucial significance to an energy-scarce society.

Jaana Vapaavuori (left) and Konstantinos Daskalakis (right)

EU grants for smart materials and next generation LEDs

Three million euros grants to Assistant Professor Jaana Vapaavuori and Postdoctoral Researcher Konstantinos Daskalakis to make environmentally friendly materials

Lasse Lecklin

Professor Paula Hohti receives two million euros of ERC funding for research into renaissance fashion and culture

Experimental processing of materials from fashion history opens up new interpretations of daily life in bygone times.


Tenured Professors' Installation Talks

In the short videos, the new tenured professors present their own field and research.

Watch the Talks
Installation Talk, photo: Minna Pajari

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Read more about our doctoral programmes and tenure track career system!

Tohtoriksi valmistunut nainen vastaanottamassa päähänsä mustaa tohtorinhattua promootiossa.

Doctoral programmes

Doctoral programmes of Aalto prepare to become highly qualified researchers and experts in most demanding positions. Doctoral education is carried out in a unique multidisciplinary international scientific community.

Research & Art
At work

Tenure track

Aalto University’s tenure track career system offers a well-supported and clear career path for professor-level academics towards a permanent professorship.

Doctoral theses

Science and art help us make sense of our complex world and, at the same time, challenge our own ways of thinking.

Ilkka Niemelä, President
Unexepected encounters exhibition: Matilda Tuure's colourful glass work presenting Bacterial Cellulose Samples

Renewing society by art, creativity and design

Aalto University promotes creativity in all disciplines and communities. One of our strategic targets is to renew society through art, creativity and design. We are a forerunner in combining art and creative practices with research and education.

Key figures

Academic results improved and internationalisation continued.

Kilpailtu tutkimusrahoitus 2018

Competitive research funding (€ million)
Includes e.g. research funding from the Academy of Finland, Business Finland and companies, as well as competitive EU funding.

Kansainvälisiä tieteellisiä artikkeleita oli 2166.

Number of international peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals

16.4% of Aalto University publications belong to the top 10% most highly cited publications their area.

Quality of publications
Share of Aalto University publications in 2018 that belong to the top 10% most highly cited in the same area.

26 tutkijaa sai ERC-tutkimusrahoitusta

Number of recipients of ERC funding (European Research Council)
Awarded to leading researchers for pioneering work at the frontiers of science.

Platforms and other collaboration units

Many scientific and societal challenges require systematic and integrative approaches that are beyond the capabilities of a single discipline or department. We believe that collaboration both within Aalto as well as with external stakeholders is key in order to gain the best possible impact.

People discussing

What is the Aalto Networking Platform?

The Aalto Networking Platform facilitates transdisciplinary actions in 7 thematic areas. It brings together Aalto's expertise across departments and supports networking and collaboration.

Research & Art
Three researchers using a device on the surface of the ice at Aalto ice tank

Research and learning infrastructures

Our research and teaching infrastructures are a prerequisite for world-class, cutting edge research. They offer opportunities for collaboration and foster the local innovation ecosystem growth. The large infrastructures are open for all Aalto and external users.

Societal impact as driving force

Close-up of two students making notes on a research article while reading it.

Open science and research

The principle of openness is the key principle of science and research. At Aalto University, the most visible forms of open science are open access publications, open research data and metadata, and combining openess and commercialization.

Two women analysing the content of a test tube

Research assessments

Aalto University is continuously assessing the quality of its research and artistic activities, and its societal impact. In the recent RAI2018 evaluation - Research, Art and Impact Assessment - external experts praised, for instance, the enthusiastic and collaborative work atmosphere, university’s infrastructure, the tenure track career system and the student-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Scientific (and Artistic) Advisory Boards, SAB/SAAB, support the development of each School.

Research & Art
People working

Research Ethics and Research Integrity

Aalto University has committed itself to following the guidelines for ethical principles of research and integrity. You will find help and advice on questions on research ethics.

Research & Art
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