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Completing a doctoral degree alongside work – the thesis opened the doors to the product and technology development of a deep-tech company

Karita Kinnunen-Raudaskoski and Jani Lehmonen have both graduated as doctors of chemical engineering from Aalto University and for them, writing a doctoral thesis alongside regular work meant long hours but was also highly rewarding.

Karita ja Jani

Mari Lundström appointed Visiting Professor of the WISE Wallenberg Initiative Material Science for Sustainability at KTH

Mari Lundström does not believe in simple answers and get inspired by people who get excited of unsolved problems. She is new Visiting Professor of the WISE Wallenberg Initiative Material Science for Sustainability at KTH.


Associate Professor Lauri Rautkari appointed as Deputy Head of the Department at Bio2

Associate Professor Lauri Rautkari has been appointed Deputy Head of the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems at the School of Chemical Engineering as of 1.8.2023.

Prof Rautkari

Emil Stråka: It’s interesting to see physicists and chemists complement each other’s expertise

'It’s interesting to see how physicists and chemists can be looking at the same system, and yet arrive at very different conclusions, questions, and results. In LIBER Center of Excellence, you can see the expertise from different disciplines.'

Emil Stråka, photo by Linda Lehtovirta.


People attending the Wellbeing Fair at Aalto's Wellbeing Week
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Oasis at the Aalto Wellbeing Week

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing project participates in the Wellbeing Week
A group of several dozen people pose for a photo outside at Aalto University.
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Workshop photo gallery: At the frontiers of physics and biology

This three day event included talks, poster presentations, and cross-disciplinary collaboration
Aalto University, CLUSTER Steering Committee II-2023
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Aalto University hosted the CLUSTER Steering Committee 2023

7.9.-8.9.2023 marks the commencement of the Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research (CLUSTER) Steering Committee II-2023 hosted by Aalto University.
Janne Lainen ja Tuomas Auvinen.
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Vice President Janne Laine and Dean Tuomas Auvinen appointed for second term

Janne Laine's new term starts in January and Tuomas Auvinen's new term in March

Electrifying society

Solving the challenges of electrification is not just a scientific question: it requires extensive societal debate.

Availability of metals will soon become an obstacle to cure climate change. Read more
BatCircle_DSC_6517_photo Valeria Azovskaya


Doctoral hat floating above a speaker's podium with a microphone
Public defences

Public defence in Chemistry, M.Sc. (Tech.) Liam Gillan

Printed Electronics: Oxide/Organic Composite Thin-Film Transistors, and Electrochemical Sweat Sensors (title of the thesis)
Doctoral hat floating above a speaker's podium with a microphone
Public defences

Public defence in Polymer Technology, M.Sc. (Tech.) Kasper Dienel

Bioactive Patient-Specific Implants for Regeneration of Critical Size Bone Defects (Title of the thesis)
Introduction to Research Data Management
Lectures and seminars, Staff trainings, Support for teams, Training to support research

Introduction to Research Data Management, Oct 3, 2023

Get to know the basics of RDM with Data Agent Dr. Essi Viitanen from Research Services.
Title: DMPs a workshop, subtitle: ONLINE. Pictures of Lucie Hradecka and Enrico Glerean.
Lectures and seminars, Staff trainings, Support for teams, Training to support research, Workshops

Data Management Plans: Online workshop for early-career researchers, Oct 4, 2023

Learn about DMPs with Information Specialist Lucie Hradecká and Staff Scientist & Data Agent Dr. Enrico Glerean.

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We advance sustainable solutions and breakthroughs by scientific and engineering excellence.

The research at the School of Chemical Engineering focuses on forest products technologies, chemical engineering, industrial biotechnology, materials science and nanotechnology, metals and minerals processing and energy technology.

Lignocellulose samples by Mohamed Magd. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya

Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

Enabling bio and circular economy

Researchers in the lab

Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Sustainable future with high performance products

We are enthusiastic about...

    Structural colors

    What if we had wood-based colours that never faded?

    The color is nontoxic, produced 100% from wood, and can be industrially and economically produced.

    Color from wood

    What if the colour of your jeans grew in your garden?

    We explore how to produce and utilise natural dyes derived from plants in a sustainable way.

    Metal coating

    What if metals could be protected with wood?

    In its pure, additive-free form, lignin coatings have already been proven to be effective in minimising the corrosion of metal surfaces.

    Fish scales

    What if solar cells could be made out of fish scales?

    We are exploring how natural materials like wood or organic byproducts –  or even waste like fish scales – could be used for solar cells.

    3D arm bone

    What if you could 3D print custom bone implants?

    Thanks to 3D printing, we can manufacture individualized, custom implants that enhance bone growth and degrade as the patient heals.

    Bacterial cellulose in bowl on a yellow backround

    What if bandages could be grown by bacteria?

    Although some bacterial colonies can threaten human life, bacteria can be used to produce essential molecules and materials like bacterial cellulose.

    Cow hair

    What if cattle all over the world were eating Finnish wood?

    Microcrystalline cellulose is truly a power food for ruminants, and so it could be used to raise the caloric density of animal feed.

    Ioncell wood textile

    What if the textiles of the future are growing in Finnish forests?

    Ioncell, a fibre woven from cellulose, is a strong contender as a sustainable alternative to cotton and polyester.


    What if chemists were also programmers?

    When modelling chemical engineering processes, programming skills are essential – and understanding programming basics is an asset in many other tasks as well.

    Black stain

    What if every engineer thought like an artist?

    Breaking out of one’s own bubble challenges the brain and changes attitudes. This is why arts courses at Aalto are available to everyone.

    What if logo

    At Aalto University, we believe in the power of curiosity. We encourage our students and staff to explore the unknown, learn and do things in completely new ways – to break boundaries together.

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