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If you work for Aalto University and are entertaining the idea of building a website, a Drupal spin-off site is an option to seriously consider. Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) solutions worldwide used for content editing.

Firstly, you should carefully assess whether you need a separate website or not. The Digital experience and analytics staff at Aalto University can guide you through the different possibilities for your communication purposes. There is a number of options made available by Aalto University you can choose from.

A Drupal spin-off site is a separate website largely based on aalto.fi features, visuals and functionalities. Essentially, you will get a site with all the benefits from Drupal including the additional improvements implemented for aalto.fi as well as your own top nav, logo placement, colour palette and footer.

You will not need to carry out separate public procurements or endless documentation processes. Instead you will get to work with the Aalto University Digital experience and analytics team and the service provider for aalto.fi.

Drupal spin-off strengths

  1. Accessibility​

  2. Security​

  3. Search​

  4. Visual consistency​

  5. Modern look and feel


Slow internet connections impact loading times in a negative way, especially in low accessible solutions. The Drupal CMS solution developed for aalto.fi is compliant with the latest WACG standards in line with the EU directive on web and mobile phone accessibility​. It offers a responsive user experience from different devices​. It is also by default accessible for visually impaired people​.


Drupal is one the safest CMS solutions in the market​. It is used by many public and private institutions eg. White House​. Hacking is more difficult on Drupal sites due to its high standards of security​. Workflow audits, reversions and role permissions make the site very secure when editing​. There are also regular security audits with penetration tests performed by the service provider.


By moving to Drupal, the visibility of your content will be boosted​. In terms of SEO, your webpages are more likely to appear on top of related online searches because of Drupal high accessibility and aalto.fi high online search ratings​. In the future, your content will also be available at aalto.fi in-site search.

Visual consistency

There are around 225 Aalto University sites with no visual relation to each other​. In terms of branding and user experience, that is a clear weakness​. Visual consistency builds trust​ and Aalto University is making strong efforts to ensure a unified digital experience.

Modern look and feel

Aalto.fi has been evolving over time​. It now offers a variety of components that makes webpages look in line with modern trends​. The user experience has been carefully taken into consideration when designing the site in order to offer a pleasant navigation.

Price and features

  • Starting price for a basic site from 2,500 euro​

  • Paid features and maintenance costs​

  • Unique look but still visual relation with aalto.fi​

  • All available components from aalto.fi

  • Domain: xyz.aalto.fi​

Timeline for implementation

The duration will depend on the following factors:​

  • Size of the site​

  • Time needed to build the structure​

  • Resources allocated to move the content​

  • Rapidity in taking decisions and giving green lights​

In general, adding content takes longer than technically building the webpages.

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