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We are here for you even after your studies. We will help you to develop your skills and networks throughout your life. You are also welcome to share your expertise with us, for example at work life events or as a mentor for a student. Our alumni are all who have studied at Aalto University.

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The alumni network allows you to stay in touch with your fellow classmates and retain your valuable contacts after you have graduated. Join the alumni network or update your contact information on Aalto Alumni Circle.

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The application for the mentoring season 2020-2021 is open from 1 April to 10 May.

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From alumni to alumni

kuva Jamila Awadh
For alumni

Jamila Awadh: Multiculturalism helps to establish business contacts

Business studies at Aalto complemented Jamila Awadh’s previous studies and experience. Studies led to her current position as Business and Marketing Director at Polar Glucan.
Kuva: Mikko Koivisto
For alumni

Mikko Koivisto: Multidisciplinary studies give you a unique skill set

A forerunner in service design, Master of Arts and Design Mikko Koivisto moved on from consulting to the energy industry where he works with the social issues brought on by climate change. Now he has a chance to work on customer experience development at the energy company Helen and tackle challenges related to the transition of the energy industry.
Lumi Maunuvaara, HAVU Cosmetics
For alumni

Lumi Maunuvaara: Becoming an entrepreneur with the drive of a 20-year-old

Lumi Maunuvaara, who founded HAVU Cosmetics during her second year of studies, learned quickly that being a start-up entrepreneur requires courage, even foolhardiness, but also humility. High interest in ones own field and the company ensures continued motivation even in difficult moments.
Käki Anssi
For alumni

Anssi Käki: I want to develop as a leader who gets results and possesses a broad understanding of business

‘Acting ethically with openness and equality are key qualities in a leader. In my role, I also need analytical thinking, broad-mindedness and an open mind.’

Alumni news

Krister Ahlström istumassa puutarhassa.
Cooperation Published:

Greetings from Ikiteekkari: 'This is a huge test'

Krister Ahlström, honorary doctor and business influencer, urges the Aalto community members to preserve their social networks.
Mikael Lauharanta is a School of Business, Mikkeli Campus alumnus and co-founder and COO of Smarp
Cooperation, Studies Published:

School of Business alumni story: Mikael Lauharanta

School of Business, Mikkeli Campus alumnus Mikael Lauharanta appreciates the nature of studies in the BScBA Program: "It’s a fast paced program that prepares you well for the working life and all the challenges it might throw at you."
Julia Österlund, School of Business alumna in School of Business alumni story
Cooperation, Studies Published:

School of Business alumni story: Julia Österlund

School of Business alumna Julia Österlund studied two different majors at school and thinks that the diverse studies benefit her in her current job: ‘It is also great that I can combine everything I have studied at school - marketing, communications, information technology and calculus.’
Yksitoista Kauppakorkeakoulun vuosikurssi -52 alumnia kokoontui Ekonominaukiollasaan.
Studies Published:

Onerva Vartiainen: ‘I am remarkably grateful for everything the School of Economics gave me’

The class of 1952 met at the Ekonomiaukio building on the first Monday of March.

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