Components: how to create content for

Here you can find instructions for the components that are used at These include but are not limited to text, image, video, social media and liftup components.

Text components for

There are a few different ways to display actual text at A Lead text component is one of the most important ones for introducing your content. Learn also, the difference between a quote and a highlight.

Tools to boost text
Drupal image for Comms use only. Abstract image, yellow.

Liftups visualise content

Learn how to use liftups to visualise and highlight content.

Visualising pages
Screenshot of the different components used as liftups at

Image and media components for

There are several ways to display images and media at Learn more about the media slider, gallery and video component.

Utilising media
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Social media component and adding files

Learn how to highlight, for example, your school's social media channels and how to add files.

Read more
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Components for hub landing pages

Learn about the components that are exclusive for hub landing pages. Learn also about which components that can only be used for select hubs.

Enhance your hub page
Drupal image for Comms use only. Abstract graphic with orange semi-circles and squares on a red background..

Learn more about

Art piece from exhibition Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors in 2013, yellow threads stretched and "floating" between two points in an angle. Photo by Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen website

Here, you can find instructions on how to make the most out of to visualise your pages and make your content findable. This page is also for the latest Drupal news and events.

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