Services tutorial – create an event

Event pages offer a set of functionalities to help you address all the necessary information to users. It is possible to create recurring events, as well.

As an example, let’s take a look at how to build an event page for Aalto Festival.

  1. Start by logging in to the system by clicking the login button in the top navigation.
  2. Select Content => Add content => Event
  3. Then, select the publicity for your event, if it's public or meant for the Aalto community, only.

Then, set up the basic data and metadata.

  1. Define the main language for the event. You can create other language versions later.
  2. Give the event a short and an attractive title, such as “Aalto Festival 2019”.
  3. The summary field should define the best selling point of the event in a short and appealing way. For example, “Aalto Festival showcases the many talents of Aalto University. Collisions, experiments, calculations, disruptions, surprises and much more.”
  4. Add the main image. It will be used on this page and in liftups.
    1. See image below for the different main image display options in events.
  5. Select the main category of the event in the category field, in this case Campus.
  6. If you need to create relationships for the event with other hubs or research groups, you can do it with the “relates to” field. For now, you can leave this empty.
  7. Set primary tags to define the main topic and secondary tags to describe the content. 

How to create an automatic news or events article liftup? Behind the link you can find easy steps on how you can create an automatic news or events article liftup to your page in

    Screen shot of an image showing the five different ways to display a main image in an event.

    Event information

    1. Define the dates for the event and registration . In case the event does not have registration, you can leave it empty.
    2. If the event has a specific location, such as Dipoli, select it to the location field.
      1. If the location is not listed in the location field, you can add the map using the instructions behind the link below (just scroll the page to "Metadata"). Instructions on adding the location
    3. Set up a street address using the same format as shown in the example below the field
    4. In the “Additional address details”, you can add other information, for example if the event is in a specific room or section of the building.
    5. This event is free, so leave the “Entrance fee” field empty.
    6. If the registration for the event is on an internal or external platform, you can add a link in the “Registration link” field.
    7. Set the event language.

    After adding the basic information, you can add components. First, add the Lead text and write a short summary, such as “Come see what we’ve been working on! Aalto Festival presents the results and findings of newly graduates, teachers and researchers of Aalto University through nearly 100 events.” Then, you can add more components, such as text paragraphs or images.

    If the page is for internal Aalto users only, set the restriction at the bottom in the Role restrictions. Finally, click on save and see what your page looks like. You can edit the page by clicking on Edit. By selecting ‘Translate’ => ‘Add’, you can create other language versions.

    Social media marketing

    Additionally, to activate discussions on social media, assign a hashtag for the event and promote it to the participants.

    Example of an event

    Automatic liftups wizardry

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    Dipoli artworks

    Dos and Don’ts

    1. Write clearly and tell what the event is about and to whom it is for.
    2. Always present your event’s keynote speakers with a picture, if possible.
    3. Use at least one high-res image for marketing your event.
    4. Create an event only if it is organised by Aalto or it will be organised on the Campus.

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