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Easy steps on how you can create links on You can create links to both internal and external sites.

Getting started:

  • You can create text links at with different components
  • First choose your component, e.g. "Text paragraph"
  • Write the link text
  • Highlight your link text
  • Click the link symbol, see image below, and opens a new window where you can enter your link address.
Aalto University/Drupal instructions


Link highlight – link style in further information

On a page, the reader is often provided with links to further information. These kind of links can be slightly more visible by using Link highlight formatting, which shows a short line under the first letter in the link text (see image below). Please note, that this type of link formatting cannot be used inside a text paragraph, as Link highlight formatting always shows the linked text in its own row.

Adding Link highlight in the Text paragraph component:

  1. Select the text to be linked.
  2. Click on "Styles", select "Link highlight"
  3. Add the relevant link and save.
Kuvakaappaus, kuinka lisätä Link highlight -tyyli lisätietolinkkeihin. Drupal-ohjeistusta


Internal links

  • When adding internal links write only node+number, not the whole url address
  • It is important to link to right language version
  • Links to English pages: 
    /services/guide-how-to-write-better-digital-content (without /fi in the beginning of the URL)
  • Links to Finnish pages: 
  • See image below:
example: links – create links on
Aalto University/Drupal instructions
Aalto University/Drupal instructions


External links

  • Enter the whole url address, e.g. 
  • Otherwise follow the same steps.

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This page has been updated on 12 Mar 2019: Link highlight instructions added.

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