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Automatic liftups wizardry

This blog post is part of the series that presents different liftups: components that connect content at aalto.fi. In the previous blog post, we discussed single liftups. Now, it's time to take a deeper look into automatic liftups. These components help you create newsfeeds, list upcoming events and create article series that update automatically.
Dipoli artworks
Photo: Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

There are three different automatic liftup components available for the aalto.fi editors at the moment:

  • automatic event liftup
  • automatic news liftup
  • automatic article liftup

This article presents these components and ideas on how to use them creatively. For more detailed instructions on how to create automatic liftups, please see instructions.

General tips

  1. Automatic liftups filter the displayed content based on chosen tags or categories and can be commanded to only retrieve content from certain hubs.

    • Filling one field with one keyword (e.g. secondary tag: sustainability) displays all content with that tag.
    • Filling multiple fields (e.g. category and primary tag), the liftup only displays content that have the chosen category AND the chosen tag.
    • Filling one field with multiple words (e.g. secondary tags "sustainability" and "machine learning") displays content that have either the tag sustainability OR machine learning OR both. 
    • Filling the field "relates to" or "content home" (only for automatic article liftups) displays content with chosen tags/categories that are connected to the chosen hub.
    • Remember to double check that your filtering works as intended. 
  2.  As the automatic liftups only display the four newest articles/news/events , the "see all" button has been designed to lead the reader to the rest of the filtered content. However, the "see all" button can be changed to redirect the reader to an article or a hub.
  3. Some content in aalto.fi is available for internal users only. Whenever you create a new liftup, make sure that the liftup has the same role restrictions as the content you wish to display.

Automatic event and news liftups

The automatic event liftup lists all events with a chosen filter. These filters include primary tags or secondary tags as well as category, which is used to describe the type of the event, such as "exhibitions and fairs". You can also narrow down the displayed content by choosing to lift up only events from a certain hub or research group. 

News can also be filtered using primary tags, secondary tags and category. Similarilly to categories in events, news categories describe the type of news and help to filter, for example, only press releases or appointments. 

There are both internal and public news and events on the aalto.fi site. To display internal news or events, create a liftup component with a role restriction "Visible only to Aalto community". If the content you would like to liftup is public for all readers, select "Public for everyone".

Event liftup example

Here is an example of an automatic event liftup. We have listed all events in the category of "exhibitions and fairs" that relate to the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Julia Lohmannin Hidaka Ohmu. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen
Exhibitions and fairs

Hidaka Ohmu – The seaweed pavilion

The seaweed pavilion Hidaka Ohmu’s message highlights our limits as humans. No human can ever know the ocean like the species that live underwater but at the same time, our way of life constantly impacts the ocean.
Aalto Talent Expo 2020 illustration / Graphic designer Babi Brasileiro.
Exhibitions and fairs

Aalto Talent Expo 2020-21

The recruitment and contact fair Aalto Talent Expo will be organised in Otahalli on the 14th of January 2021. The fair, originally planned for the fall of 2020, has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

News liftup example

Here is an example of an automatic news liftup. This component lifts up all public news with a primary tag "sustainability".

dried seaweed displayed in reds, yellows and greens
Research & Art, University Published:

Engaging with materiality and colour through biocolourants

The BioColour project organizes a broad audience event on Monday 17.8, concentrating on different points of view on materiality and colour. Julia Lohmann, designer and Professor of Practice in Aalto University, is one of the project’s researchers and a speaker in the event.
Silta ilmasta kuvattuna ja vastarannalla kaupunki iltavalaistuksessa
University Published:

We will soon enter the new strategy period – learn more about the cross-cutting themes

Sustainable solutions, radical creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset are reflected in everything that we do.
tasaiselle vaalealle pinnalle on muodostettu maailmankartta kahvijauheesta
Cooperation, Research & Art Published:

Circular Design Challenge Competition seeks new solutions

Finnish research organisations are looking to pool resources to create new, sustainable and significant business opportunities in the circular economy.

Designs for a Cooler Planet 2020: Race for the Future
Research & Art Published:

Designs for a Cooler Planet — Helsinki Design Week 2020

Helsinki Design Week at Otaniemi showcases inspiring future designs related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal.

Automatic article liftup

With articles, we recommend using single liftups (read the previous blog post here) or manual liftups. However, automatic article liftup is the best solution when new content is added regularly. Automatic article liftup displays the four newest articles with the chosen secondary or primary tag. The rest of the articles with the same tag can be viewed by clicking "see all". 

A good example of automatic article liftup is Aalto Stories. Articles containing stories from the community have a primary tag "Aalto Stories", and creating a automatic article liftup with that tag creates a storyline. With a manual liftup, the editor would have to update the liftup, whereas with automatic article liftup a new article with the tag appears automatically to the liftup component after the article has been published. 

Please note that if you wish to create an automatic article liftup, request a new secondary tag for it by contacting Digital Communications team. If you tag your articles and lift them up with an existing secondary tag, other people using the same tag also get your content to their liftups and vice versa. 

Automatic article liftup example

Here is an example of an automatic article liftup. This component lifts up all public articles with a primary tag. Here is an example where we have used "Aalto stories" tag, which is an article series moderated and produced by Aalto Communications Services.

School of Chemical Engineering

The people of the School of Chemical Engineering

Interviews of our faculty members
Comic artwork by Solip Park
Department of Art

NoVA alumni news: The Finnish Game Research Society (Suomen pelitutkimuksen seura Ry) has announced the winner of master thesis prizes of 2020 Game thesis competition

The Finnish Game Research Society (Suomen pelitutkimuksen seura Ry) has announced the winner of master thesis prizes of “2020 Game Thesis Competition” to Ms. Solip Park, one of the 2020 graduates from the Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education at Aalto.
robotic instruments - icon news
Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

News | Robotic Instruments

Latest news, events and open positions.
Image of lots of students wearing blue overalls and making a handsign for their guild
School of Chemical Engineering

Student life

Student life at the School of Chemical Engineering

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