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Need help with your Drupal content?

Are you a web editor at aalto.fi? Do you find yourself struggling with creating or editing content, or do you have questions about aalto.fi in general? Do not despair, help is available! Current resources are available to all web editors at Aalto University.
Workday Learning sovellus käytössä. Kuvaaja / Unto Rautio

Get help through online resources

The Aalto University webpage aalto.fi is based on the content management system Drupal. There are plenty of tutorials and instructional pages available to you through the Services search function

If you have a specific question, start by checking out the FAQ page. Did you not find an answer to your question there or in our instructional pages? You can always send an email to the Digital Communications team at [email protected] or to Communications Services in general at [email protected]

Aalto.fi website

Here, you can find instructions on how to make the most out of aalto.fi to visualise your pages and make your content findable. This page is also for the latest Drupal news and events.

Learn more about web editing
Art piece from exhibition Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors in 2013, yellow threads stretched and "floating" between two points in an angle. Photo by Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

Get professional advice

If your problem requires face-to-face assistance, come to our Drupal clinics!

The Drupal clinic is a biweekly drop-in session where anyone can come and ask about web editing and get help with issues. It takes place every other Tuesday 13-14 in the Dipoli foyer.

Drupal trainings provide general guidance

For more general guidance on web editing, come to our Drupal trainings. The trainings have two levels, basic and advanced. Basic trainings take place four times a year and deal with elementary topics such as the basic structure of aalto.fi and how to create an article and event page. They are a good steppingstone for anyone who hasn’t gotten any previous training in aalto.fi editing and Drupal. 

Advanced trainings occur twice a year and is useful for editors who have already taken the basic training and want to deepen their skillset.

Stay informed through web editor meetups

The web editor meetup occurs twice a year and gives both a review of recent developments at aalto.fi and insights about upcoming development. The meetup is also a platform for discussion and gathering feedback from editors, which will be used to improve the website and its editing functions. It may also, from time to time, provide basic advice around a current topic in web editing.

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