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All those with an Aalto ID are entitled to use email and calendar.


Login with Aalto ID:

Recommended applications: Webmail & Outlook 


Login with Aalto ID:

Log in to Aalto Webmail.

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  • You are provided with a secure email address, ending with the extension, with at least 5 GB of storage space.
  • You can use email to view facility reservations and send calendar invitations
  • With the calendar, you can view your own meetings and schedules
  • You can share the calendar, so your own team can view your schedules, making it easy to agree on meetings

The email and calendar service includes automatic spam and malware filtering. The calendar group work features are event invitations and calendar sharing. With an event invitation, you can check whether a desired facility or a person is free for a meeting. Sharing the calendar helps you view other people’s calendars.

The browser-based email application enables the customer to use either a more extensive or simple version of the email program, and choosing between these depends on the browser in use. The more extensive version is available on Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. On other browsers, the customer must use the simplified version of the email and calendar service.

Size of the mailbox

  • Default size: 5 GB
  • Maximum size of email messages: 50 MB
  • Maximum size of email messages in mobile clients: 10 MB
  • If the service user is an Aalto University staff member and needs a larger mailbox then, with good justification and the permission of their supervisor, it can be expanded. Applications, with justification, should be signed by the supervisor and delivered to the IT Service Desk.


The calendar functions are available to the customer through the email program. The calendar can be used either as a personal calendar or as a shared calendar. If using a shared calendar, the customer can share the calendar with other users designated by the customer. Authorizations to shared calendars can, if so desired, be assigned so that others can either read or edit the content of the calendar. The calendar’s group work features are available using Outlook (MAPI and Outlook Anywhere protocols) and Webmail.

On Mac computers running on OSX 10.6 or later, a personal calendar can be synched with the iCal calendar program, as well as the above mentioned programs. If the customer uses both Mac Mail and iCal, then they will be able to use the event invitation function but not share the calendar with other users.


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

If the customer’s mail volume has reached 5.1 GB, then the user can no longer send emails. If the mail volume reaches 5.2 GB, then the user will not be able to receive any emails either. On approaching the mailbox limit, the user must clean the inbox from unnecessary messages or ask more space from IT Servicedesk.

Use of the service is governed by Aalto University’s email policy, which assigns responsibilities and restrictions to the user of the service. Policies on email handling at Aalto University are is available on Aalto University’s public webpages: IT policies The pages contain separate policies on email handling for students, units and staff members.

Email can be used with other applications as well than mentioned here, but IT Services do not offer support for those.

This service is provided by:

IT Services

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