Incident report

Aalto University has an incident reporting system for recording, processing and reporting on irregular events and situations that affect security. Staff members are encouraged to submit incident report according to the instructions below.

Irregular events include:
accidents (causing damage to property or the environment)

  • accidents at work and personal injury (
  • near miss incidents (no personal injury or damage to property or the environment)
  • situations experienced as threatening or dangerous
  • anything that may cause damage or accidents (e.g. icy outdoor areas that have not been sanded or problems with locks)
  • Should you notice any of the above situations, please fill in an incident report

Submit an incident report here

The incidents entered into the reporting system can be viewed only by those responsible for safety at Aalto University and the university occupational safety representatives. The incident report does not have to include the names of the persons involved in the incident.

The incident reporting system is a tool for processing individual incidents or near miss incidents, workplace accidents or damages, as well as complex entities related to such events. The reporting system provides the university with real-time information on its risk and safety situation, allowing it to focus its future safety measures appropriately.

This service is provided by:

Aalto University Security and Lobby Services

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