Ordering a mailing list

Instruction how to order a mailing list.

A mailing list is a special tool designed for the distribution of email messages, which makes it possible to send email messages, at one time, to the personal email box of every member on the list. Aalto University has Mailman and Exchange mailing lists.

On Exchange mailing lists, the recipients include only addresses, and the address of these lists is always [list's name] Exchange mailing lists are managed via either Outlook or Webmail.

Mailman mailing list, on the other hand, can include email addresses from outside Aalto University, and it is in the format list's [email protected] Mailman lists are managed via a browser.

Ordering a mailing list

1. Select a name for the mailing list. If the list is an Exchange mailing list, its name must follow the naming practice specified by Aalto Communications (see on page Applying for a domain). For Mailman lists (with the extension, the address practice is slightly less restricted.

2. If the address of the mailing list deviates from the domain policy, obtain approval for it from Aalto Communications ( For detailed instructions on Applying for a domain, see the section ‘Applying for addresses’. However, the primary advice is to obtain an address according to the domain policy, without any specific approval.

As an example, it should be noted that the addresses follow the format:

Exceptions to these include email addresses for courses that are in the format:

3. When the mailing list being ordered follows the naming practice, you can order it directly from Aalto IT by sending the request, via email, to [email protected] The request must indicate the following items:

  • What is the desired address of the list?
  • Are you ordering a mailing list or a resource mailbox?
  • Will the mailing list be an Exchange or a Mailman mailing list?
  • Who is the manager of the list or the person responsible for it? There can be several managers or persons responsible for it. Please send their email addresses also.
  • What is the purpose of use for the list?
  • Is there a need to limit who can send messages to the list (unlimited / only those with an address / only persons on the list / other)?
  • The message must also include approval by Aalto Communications for the address of the mailing list if the address deviates from Aalto University’s naming policy.


See the differences between a resource mailbox and a mailing list

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