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Deltagon instructions

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Aalto University uses Deltagon Sec@GW software to protect e-mail confidentiality. Receiving messages does not require installations on workstations. The software transforms the e-mail message to be readable in www browser, saves the encrypted e-mail temporarily and sends a notification message to the receiver with a protected link to read the actual message. Sender determines the protection level used to send a message.

- In “Letter” level the message traffic is automatically protected with SSL encryption and the message is locked with Deltagon MessageLock™-technique.
- In “Registered letter” level also the receiver is authenticated using SMS authentication. In practice when the receiver opens the message system asks for a PIN code that is simultaneously sent as a text message to receiver’s mobile phone.

Notification message

When a confidential e-mail has been sent to you, you will receive a notification message to your e-mail. The actual message opens with a protected browser connection by clicking the link in the notification message. 


SMS authentication

If the message is sent in “Registered letter” level, you will need a PIN code to open the actual message. PIN code will be automatically sent to your mobile phone as a text message when you have clicked the link in notification message. After you have received the PIN code, enter it to the field and press “Continue” button.

In case you don’t receive the PIN code to your phone (within a reasonable time); you can order the PIN code again with “Order PIN code” button. If your phone number is incorrect or the authentication failed, inform the sender with “Send notification” function. 

Reading message

Message opens as follows:

Reply Send secure reply
Reply all Send secure reply to all
Forward Forward message securely
Question mark Show instructions
Print Print message
Save Save the message to your computer (txt, html, zip, encrypted zip-file or S/MIME encrypted eml). If saving as encrypted zip, fill in desired password to “Password” field. Message can be saved it S/MIME encrypted form only if you have an S/MIME certificate in use.
Delete Delete message from server immediately
Logout Store the message in server for a limited time. Reopening of the message requires authentication which can be done by using cookies or password.

Replying to message

Reply window opens as follows:

To Choose recipients (in Reply all function)
Subject Write message header
Message Write message
Abort Abort the reply without sending the message
Attach Add attachments to message: browse desired file and press “Attach” button
Send/Lähetä Send message
Questionmark Show instructions

After you have sent the message you will see a confirmation and you can save the sent message and attachments to your own computer. The question mark in top right corner of each screen gives details of the different functions.


Message can be stored on the server for a limited time. Reopening of message requires identification that can be based on cookies or password. If you choose to store the message using password, write the desired password to the given fields. Press “OK” button to confirm your choice or “Back” button to return to the message.


Initiate secure and encrypted mail dialog

Deltagon Sec@GW software enables you to initiate confidential messaging to Aalto University.

To send secure messages, open an address with a web browser. To send messages, you must register to the service. Write your e-mail address to “From” field and press “Continue” button.  Now you can authenticate to the service to send e-mail. Register your e-mail address with “Register” button or write another address with “Back” button. You can end the session without registration with “Exit” button.

Writing a message

Writing a message

Add receiver’s e-mail address

Edit Edit receiver address
Address book Add previously used address as receiver (for registered users)
Subject Write message header
Message Write message
Read receipt Ask the receiver for a read receipt

Sign the message and use the same signature in future (for registered users)

Exit Exit securely without sending the message
Send Send message  
Attach Add attachments to message: browse desired file and press “Attach” button
Question mark Show instructions

After message is sent, it can be saved to your own computer or printed.

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