Resource mailboxes and mailing lists

When an Aalto University unit, department, a project, etc. offers e-mail addresses outside Aalto University, it is advisable to use an organizational address instead of a person’s own address. You can have either a resource mailbox or a mailing list to use with the organizational address.
This article will set out the differences between a resource mailbox and a mailing list to help you choose which is the right option for you.

1. Resource mailbox (shared mailbox)

  • A resource mailbox is a separate mailbox that users can be given access to. This mailbox has its own Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items but cannot be a user's primary mailbox.
  • Users who are given Full Access to a resource mailbox will see this mailbox in Outlook underneath their own Inbox and other folders on the left hand side of the screen.
  • A single copy of any emails sent to the resource mailbox’s email address will be stored in the resource mailbox’s Inbox and can be read by any user with access.
  • Users who are given Full Access to a resource mailbox allow them to change the address in the From field of an email they write. This will send the email from the resource mailbox 's address (Send As).
  • Sent emails are stored both in the senders and the resource mailbox's Sent Items.
  • Deleting an email from a resource mailbox will delete the email for all users who have access to the mailbox.

2. Mailing list (distribution list)

  • Users in a mailing list will receive their own copy of any emails sent to the mailing list's address.
  • Deleting an email received through a mailing list will delete the email only for the user who deletes the email.

Differences between a resource mailbox and a mailing list

  Resource mailbox Mailing list

Sending messages from the organizational address

(sender: From: organizational-address)*


a feature to be ordered separately

Sending messages on behalf of the organizational address

(sender: From: user on behalf of the organizational-address)**

a feature to be ordered separately


Possibility to easily save the sent messages in the same folder

Yes No
Receiving the messages sent to the organizational address to your personal mailbox No Yes

Includes a calendar

Yes No

* for example: "From: IT ServiceDesk"
** for example: "From: Firstname Lastname on behalf of IT ServiceDesk"

Related instructions

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Instruction how to order a mailing list

Ordering a resource mailbox

Instructions how to order a resource mailbox

How to open a resource mailbox

After ordering a resource mailbox, you will be created one briefly.

Changing the sender’s address (Outlook and Webmail)

If you have been granted access rights to a resource mailbox or the sending rights to another user’s mailbox, you can send messages in the name of these addresses.

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