Printing at Aalto University

You can print documents at Aalto University with a personal printing card. Print your jobs on both sides of the paper whenever you can, and use electronic materials to avoid unnecessary printing.


You can print documents at Aalto University with a personal printing card (HSL, Frank/Lyyra, Unigrafia’s printing card). Staff members: if you don´t have a printing card, you can get one from IT Service Desk 

Print your jobs on both sides of the paper whenever you can, and use electronic materials to avoid unnecessary printing.

Printing quotas:

Students: 200 pages per quarter of a year (black-and-white pages, size A4 or A3). Staff members: 500 pages per quarter of a year (black-and-white or colour pages, size A4 or A3) Others (such as visitors): printing and copying rights are handled on an individual basis.

Colour printing for students: Check the possibilities from your school / teacher.

Registration of a printing card

A printing card can be registered by means of PrintingPoint devices or Secureprint devices used by staff members.

  1. Go to the nearest PrintingPoint device or a Secureprint device used by staff (see the list of printer locations below). 
  2. Show the reader in the printer the card you wish to register as a printing card (such as an HSL travel card, Frank (former Lyyra) student card, or a separate Unigrafia printing card that can be purchased at Unigrafia’s offices).
  3. Log in to the device with your Aalto ID.
  4. The card in question now functions as your printing card.

Note! If you lose your printing card, register another one and the lost card will be useless.

The locations of PrintingPoints


All Aalto University printing devices that have a card reader can be found in the network, under the name SecureprintPS (or secureprintpcl or secureprint). Standard printouts are always black-and-white.

You need to go to one of those printers and login to the printer with your Aalto credentials / Printing card and release the job from the queue, after this the document would be printed.

Unprinted jobs will disappear from the queue after 12 hours. 

A PrintingPoint device is a printer, so stapling or any other post-processing is not possible.

  1. From the printing menu, select SecureprintPS print queue.
  2. After you have printed your print job to the SecureprintPS print queue, you can pick up your printout from any PrintingPoint device.
  3. Show your printing card to the printer, and you will see your own print jobs as a list.
  4. Select the jobs to be printed from the list and change the settings, if necessary, before selecting Print.
  5. The device will print your job.
  6. Log out of the printer.

Printing without a printing card

If you do not have your printing card with you, you can enter your Aalto University username and password on the printer’s touch display and log in. If you register another card as a printing card, the original printing card will not work anymore. The device only accepts one active card as a printing card.

Mobile printing

Students and staff members at Aalto University who have a valid Aalto email ID can also use mobile printing tools.

[email protected]

1. Log in to Aalto University’s email and select New Email.

2. Attach the document(s) you want to print as an attachment to the email message (acceptable file formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .txt, .ppt, or .pptx), or directly to the email’s message field (in such case, select the HTML or Rich text format). The maximum size of documents that can be printed is 50 MB. If there are several attachments, they are processed as separate print jobs.

Mobile printing

3. You do not have to write anything in the message field, because any email message is also processed as a separate print job.

4. Send the email message and attachments to [email protected], the heading of the message is optional.

5. You can see the print jobs sent from your mobile device in your ordinary secure print queue. Identify yourself with your printing card for the card identification device and release the job(s) of your choice.

The printer asks you to add paper, but there is already paper in the device

If the printer asks you to add paper but there is already paper in the device, make sure you have selected the correct paper size.

You can print the document by changing the paper size on the printer’s display:

1. If the orange warning light is flashing (2). Press Monitor Key (1).

Printing 1

 2. Select the correct paper size on the display (3) and press OK (4).

Printing 2

Related instructions

Adding a printer (Windows)

Classroom computers maintained by Aalto IT have a printer pre-installed, but at the various departments users must install a printer on a workstation.

Printing with Canon multi-function devices (Mac and SecurePrint)

The printer queue and its drivers are automatically installed on OS X 10.7 and newer Mac computers in maintenance by the IT Services, so you do not have to worry about the deployment of the printer queue.

Printing with a SecurePrint queue from your own Linux computer

Printing from your own Linux computer to Aalto University’s printing server can only be done from trusted networks (wired networks and Eduroam, for instance).

Printing in Aalto's Linux

A print queue called secureprintps has been added to Aalto University’s Ubuntu workstations and general servers (version 14.04 and later), which is the default printer on most computers. When you want to print something, select secureprintps from the printer menu.

Locations of printing devices (PrintingPoint)

See where you can find the PrintingPoint devices.

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IT Services

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